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Posted on 1998-09-27
Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I bought a new computer with Windows 98.  Windows recognizes my modem and connects fine but when I go to dos to use any of my modem based programs I get error messages.  Some of the programs won't even give me access to the correct comm port.
Question by:epsvo
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Are you playing the games in Real mode DOS or using Windows 98 Virtual DOS box?

Modem does not have real mode DOS drivers and therefore cannot perform in real mode DOS unless the game can recognize it as a generic modem.

Go to the device manager and Check your modem properties. See if there are any Tabs that will let you enable DOS game support. If there is, check the box and reboot your system.

If not , let's assume that you are using Windows Virtaul DOS box to play the  game. You must be using the same Com Port and IRQ as what is shown in your Device Manager modem properties. IF the settings is wrong, the DOS game will call the wrong device.

If all else fails, please tell me what is your modem called and what type of chipset is it. Is it an internal or external modem? I may be able to find a better solution for you. Thanks.

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My modem is a 56k GVC Data Fax Modem, it's internal, and I don't know what chip set is...  I'm not running my game in windows at all, I'm going to "Shut down computer and Restart in DOS mode" and it still doesn't work.  In my games, if I try to put the settings to Com 1 they say there isn't even a modem on that port (and that's the port with my modem)

Question: When you say device manager are you talking about "Modems" in Control Panel cause I've looked all through that all ready and there is no way to "enable dos" with the modem.

I hope you can help me.  thanks.
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Hi epsvo,
        If I am not wrong, you are having the GVC 56K Flex Internal Win Modem. If this is the case ,then I think you are stuck.
        The reason being very simple. There are two types of modem.
        One is a Hardware modem. The AT commands are all coded into the firmware of the modem. It can therefore perform under real mode DOS games as the init strings (such as ATZ) used by the DOS games is recognized by the modem firmware.

        The other is a Software modem or Win Modem. The AT commands does not reside in the modem chips itself. It therefore can only perform under Windows.

       The only way to check this is to go and check up your modem  driver diskette or CD. If the drivers are all files with *.INF extension, then it is a hardware modem.

      If there are *.VXD or *.DRV files in your modem installation disk, then it is most probably a Win modem. There is no way you can play a real mode DOS game with this type of modem.

     Sorry if this is the case. Hope I did help clear this up.

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Damn.  Your right.  Thanks alot.  You sure I couldn't get another driver that might make it work in DOS?

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p.s.  The modem doesn't say that it's a "flex modem" or whatever you said.  It just says "56K GVC Data Fax Modem".  And it came with my computer so I didn't get any installation disk with the modem.  Now, the driver it is using is a *.drv, but, like I said before, would it be possible for me to download another driver?

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Really sorry. But this got something to do with the hardware design of the modem. the chip to hold the firmware is simply non-existing. There is no such patch for it. :-(

I think if you are really going to play a lot of DOS games with your modem, you should be getting an external modem that connects to one of your COM ports. Not only is it faster for modem gaming but also last longer too. External modem have a much lesser change of being overheated than internal modems.

    They are also less prone to devices conflicts and easier to configure for games. Good luck! :-)


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hey..  thanks.  I bought a new zoom modem 33.6 bps (external, like you said) for $19.95 and it works great!!!  Thanks a bunch!!!!  (I couldn't believe it was that cheap!!  I would have bought a 56k but they were over $140.00!!  What a rip off!!)  Anyway!!  Thanks.  I appreciate the help!!


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