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I'm looking for a shareware program that will do more less what pcANYWHERE does. I don't need all the advanced features, but it must be able to handle 56K V.90 format. Any ideas?
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dumbscottyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try a program called VNC form Oracle Research Laboratories. It's free and can be found at www.winfiles.com/apps/winner/winner98.html.

I hope this helps.
"Back Orifice" , available for D/L from Cult of the Dead Cow,
is basically a freeware version of PC Anywhere, though designed to be MUCH sneakier and originally released for the
purpose of serepticious installation and remote access/control
of a user`s machine without his/her knowledge. The cDc communi-
cations website is at: <http://www.backorifice.com/tools> If you
decide to D/L it, I strongly suggest you get it from the source
and not "second-hand" from someone`s personal home page. The
correct (compressed) zip-file size for version 1.20 client/srvr
package is 561kb.

Another program you might want to consider is "Netbus", which is
similar to Back Orifice and also works on NT. I don`t know who
the original author is, offhand, but version 1.53 can be had at:
willemnelAuthor Commented:
tylox, I had a look at BO and NetBus, but I don't think this is really what I had in mind. These are programs for hacking into computers and are designed to work in the background. I want to patch into my computer at work and be able to run programs (such as IE) and be able to see what going on ALL the time on the remote computer.
There is another program called Remotely Possible, don't know the url but should be able to do a search for it
willemnelAuthor Commented:
Thanx, will do
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