Give me a tip for good C++ Journal.

Can You recommend me some good journal for professional developers in MS Visual C++ / Windows NT.
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I like these 4, in order of preference:

Windows Developer Journal (
Microsoft Systems Journal (
C/C++ Users Journal (
Dr. Dobbs Journal
The C/C++ Users Journal is very good, but is aimed at C and C++ (mostly C++) in general, it does sometimes have articales that are aimed at windows, but most articles are general in nature.  I recommend it highly.

The Windows Developers Journal is devoded to windows programming.  I've only seen a few copies, but they seemed fine.  They are not necessarily C++ oriented, but given the material, that is not a problem.
C++ Report as well

Fully of tonnes of obscure stuff - but interesting.
Special Edition in Visual C++ 5.0
You can find it in site
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