IE Invalid Page Faults in MSJAVA.DLL/MSHTML.DLL

After a year of using Win95/IE3.02 with no problems.....I suddenly began getting IE caused Invalid Page Fault error messages.  These messages began at exactly the same time my ISP attempted to upgrade its service and crashed nationwide for 5 days.  Tech Service at the ISP says there's no connnection but...I've run all my diagnostics, scanned and defragged the hard drive; have 48 megs of RAM and 1.68 gigs free on the hard drive.  I've uninstalled/reinstalled IE success in eliminating the error messages.  Contacted the webmasters of the pages I can no longer view......none of them have changed their pages.  A friend with the same computer system, using IE 3.02 can view the pages I can no longer see....only difference is the ISP.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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B092998Author Commented:
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It sounds like you're beating your head against the wall on this one.  I sympathize, as
these kinds of errors are very frustrating.

I suggest two courses of action:

1) Wait and hope that someone here has a good idea (I don't, at the moment).
    If you chose this, try to provide as much additional info as possible as to where
    the error is occuring.

2) Upgrade to IE 4.01 and see if it goes away.  I don't see that you have much to
    lost by taking this approach.

Personally, I have little patience with this type of thing and would upgrade.

Good luck.
B092998Author Commented:
Thanks for the sympathy.  I will be upgrading my browser to the newest Netscape Navigator but......I'd still like to solve the mystery of these error messages which so suddenly appeared when the ISP 'upgraded' their service-------which, BTW, is now much slower.
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Ok, I understand wanting to know.

What additional information is the error giving ?  There's a lot of code out there.  Can
you localize (to DLL, for example) where the error is occurring ?

B092998Author Commented:
This is the entire content of the error messages re: MSJAVA.DLL

IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module MSJAVA.DLL at 0137:7c024512.

EAX=00000010 CS=0137 EIP=7c024512 EFLGS=00010287
EBX=01a45410 SS=013fESP=02ebf9b0 EBP=02ebfaec
ECX=02c9000e DS=013fESI=00000000 FS=4037
EDX=02ebfb18 ES=013fEDI=00000001 GS=389e
Bytes at CS:EIP:
2a 10 e8 e7 5b 00 00 8b 90 85 f6 75 05 e8 9c de
Stack dump:
00000000 7c2978f 02ebfb18 0000000e 00000001 00000001 01a45410 00000000 00000000 00000000 02ebfa20 7c008b5f 02815a7c ffffffff 7c050aae 00000009

Very strange thing happened since my first post earlier today......I tried once again to access the error marked pages........viewed them just fine with no error messages after 3 weeks of no viewing!  Turned off my comp to go to lunch....came back.....tried the pages........error messages again!!!  

Ok, let me tread into an area that I wouldn't otherwise go.  I type the following because we've
already started down this path.  However, I state that this is what *I* would do and you have
to decide if you believe it and want to do the same.

If we can assume that the problem is actually in the DLL where the error occurred, then
the problem is in MSJAVA.DLL.  A potentially dubious assumption, but I don't have any other
clues and you have to start somewhere.

My copy of msjava.dll is in \windows\system, is 734KB, dated 5/8/98. Version is 4.79.2424.
I'd be very tempted to remove IE.  Rename this dll to something else (msjava.dll_old?).
Reinstall IE and see what happens.  This course of action presumes that MSJAVA.DLL is
truly at fault and that reinstalling IE will force a reinstall of MSJAVA.DLL.  Again, more
assumptions built on assumptions.  Nevertheless, it is pretty harmless to try.

(Note - I have no idea where my copy came from.  I just recently did a clean install of 4.1 and
 that may, or may not, have deposited the file that I see.)

Anyhow, despite my earlier cautions, this is pretty safe, 100% reversible and easy to try.
It might or might not help, but what do you have to lose at this point ?  You did want to find
out where the error was.

Good luck
It sounds to me like your browser is viewing pages that were stored corrupted in the chache, this may be because they were corrupted in dowloading (ISP or config problem), and instead of your browser downloading the pages afresh when you go back to look at them, you are getting the mangled version from your cache. The best way to fix this if it is the case, is to completely clear your cache, shut down IE then restart it, then try viewing the pages again *smile* if this doesn't work, I would start suspecting damage to installed components of IE.

hope that helps.


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