PC fonts for MAC?

I need to find a font called MetaPlusNormal-Roman. I can't seem to pull up anything with internet searches.  Any clues where I can look to find this?  I need the Mac version.  I think it might be a true type font.
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erwin1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Meta is a commercial font by Erik Spiekermann. You can buy it at
http://www.fontfont.de/packages/meta7142/metrom2710/metrom2710_xx.html .  It is rather expensive, but there are no cheap clones out right now. As far as I know, they sell Type1 only, Mac or Win format.

Hope this helps,
 - Erwin

gammagirlAuthor Commented:
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gammagirlAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!
gammagirlAuthor Commented:
This helps me a great deal and saves me hours/weeks!? of trying to find this font package.  I am going to check out the internet address erwin1 provided.

Thanks a lot!  This is a great resource!  I will be sure to tell my colleagues about it.

Thanks. You're welcome.
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