Problems with the diskettera

My computer checks the diskettera without reason while I'm doing anything else without asking it. For example, I'm working with Delphi and files saved in the hard disk, and suddenly it checks unit A: stopping my job.
Does anybody know why happen this? and How can I solve it?
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bobinmadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your office program has an indexer of find fast utility, disable it.

Do a start-run-regedit
search for a:\*
delete references to it
Did you have TSR programs... Did you have Anti-Virus run in the background... Did (Temp) directory point to directory in drive A: ?

Motaz from Sudan.
Sometimes it happens because one of your files was read from A:
or saved to A:, it also happens when you use file explorer or Win Commander etc.
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look for all .pif and shortcut files and check that these do not point to any programs or files on the a drive. if they do, modify them. i think this shoud solve your problem :)

mmarAuthor Commented:
Thanks hilit, but when it happened I had´nt use the unit a: before.

mmarAuthor Commented:
I look for all .pif and .lnk files and the only ones who point to unit a: were the direct links to it. Thanks

Yes, I have TSR programs like ICQ, Volumen, or S3 VManager but I don´t understand what can be the problem. Could you tell me anymore? Thanks
if all the above posted sugegstions didn't work, usually it is a very simple thing:

look in your windows\recent directory.
I'm sure there are shortcuts which point to files on floppy disks.

Every time, you open a file from floppy, the LNKs are saved therein...and they remain (!) therein, until the filelist becomes too large (kind of a queue ->first in last out).

Delete all the LNKs from this dir and it should come to an end...and LET US KNOW.

FYI, most of anti virus progs check floppy device frequently !

Best regards
mmarAuthor Commented:
I cleaned the windows\recent directory while I looked for the lnk files. I didn´t look if they point to a: drive but I deleted all. I´ll wait the results.
Please check where did Temp directory point to ?
You can check that by typing (set) at dos prompt

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