multi languages resources [WinNT, Win95]

 I develop simple aplication on WinNT. I have all resources (dlg, string table, etc.) in rc file at two languages (Czech and Polish).
I used standart Mfc call "LoadString, construct dialog"

  I run apl. on WinNT (def.syst.lang. Czech). When I change language (at "Regional Settings" - user.syst.lang) to Polish (Czech) so screens are Polish (Czech). It's perfect.

 I run the same aplication on Czech Win95, but sreens are still Czech.
Sreens don't depend on "Regional settings", but language Win95 (Czech Win95
or Polish Win95). Def.syst.lang is the same user syst.lang.

1, Do'you explain, why screen on WinNT depend on setting user lang. and Win95 of lang. version?
2, Why on Win95 is automaticly load resource by win.lang. version?
3, How can I correct my problem?
4, Can I abble change other lang. resource during running aplication?
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polimetlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dear brother,

1. First make resources as MFC extention DLLs.
regarding this see

2. In run time load the required resouce by using
     PRIMARYLANGID. depending on return type.
   your problem solved.

any doubts please mail me.
Now we are working on German and English versions.

with love,
Bhavani P Polimetla
I do a lot of localization/multi language support. Are you asking for a simple way to find the default language of the particular system whether NT or 95/8?
svabAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
svabAuthor Commented:

svabAuthor Commented:
  today I find  way, which solved my trouble.

1, Mfc default create resource file with below definition
#if !defined(AFX_RESOURCE_DLL) || defined(AFX_TARG_CSY)
#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma code_page(1250)
#endif //_WIN32

2, I overwrite all SUBLANG_DEFAULT on SUBLANG_NEUTRAL, than I get what I wont

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