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Win95 locks up on startup

Posted on 1998-10-01
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I replaced my motherboard and now Windows95 wont start. I have a FIC 503+ and it gets through loading the dos drivers and hangs. I renamed the autoexec and config.sys files and it still hangs.
Question by:hmharvey
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Expert Comment

ID: 1758535
Can it be started in safe mode?

Author Comment

ID: 1758536
NO. You get the VGA screen but it locks there.

Expert Comment

ID: 1758537
You need to reinstall the Win95, so it can redetect all the hareware device, and update the hareware profile.  Try to boot up in dos, they reinstall win95.

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Expert Comment

ID: 1758538
Please reject the proposed answer to re-open the question.
It's obvious that you can't install Windows if the machine won't even boot!

Try this:
Remove everything from the motherboard except the video card, keyboard and RAM.
Will it now count memory and try to boot an operating system?
If so, connect the floppy drive and restart with a bootable disk inserted.
Any luck?
If so, connect other components, one at a time, until it stops booting.
Let me know how it goes.

Author Comment

ID: 1758539
It has all of the hardware it had before. I can't believe that if even if you change hardware that you have to reload
the operating system

Expert Comment

ID: 1758540
Actually it doesn't have the same hardware it had before. You have a new disk controller, chipset, memory controller, cpu,  plus any other updated or different components that may be part of the new board. To me it is simpler to reinstall win95 than to dismantle your machine and add cards and components one at a time. I think this is what theh95 had in mind. If you copy the win95 files to the hard drive, you can simply boot up with a startup disk and run the install from the hard drive, thus avoiding the hassle of loading the cdrom, etc.

Author Comment

ID: 1758541
I am trying to avoid reconstructing my setup. I have several upgrades
to my system. Files that i don't have anymore. Will reloading Win95 keep
my configuration?

Expert Comment

ID: 1758542
See my question about Problems loading GUI from 9-20-98.  Although for different reasons, it looks like you ended up in the same place I was.  The solution to my problem is described in my final comment at the bottom of the page.  Hope this works for you, too.  It held on to my configuration, too.
Good luck!

Expert Comment

ID: 1758543
This is after the fact but whenever you switch out motherboards there are several devices that are switch as mentioned by swwelsh
so therefore what you should have done on the last shutdown prior to swithching the board was to remove many of the devices in devices manager.

This excerpt comes from

Before you replace a motherboard
The last time you shut down Windows 95 on your old motherboard, do the following:
If you are upgrading to a new Intel chipset motherboard, especially the 440LX or 430TX, be sure and download and install the "setupex" file found here.  This will allow Win95 to detect your new motherboard easier – since these chipsets were introduced well after Windows 95 existed.
Make backup copies of your registry and/or your entire system (If you don't feel like backing up your whole system, I recommend you use both the Emegency Recovery Utility, eru.exe and Configuration Backup, cfgback.exe from your Win95 CD or get them here).
Click Start/Settings/Control Panel.
Run System, click Device Manager tab.
Click the + signs next to Hard disk controllers and System devices
Highlight and remove every device listed under these two headings, with the exception of the "Plug and Play BIOS."  Don't worry about this, since Windows will be able to find them all later.
Click OK, and then say "No" to restarting Windows.
Click Start/Shut Down/Shut down the computer?/Yes.
Replace the motherboard.
When running Windows for the first time after the motherboard has been replaced, the OS should find new hardware and ask you to reboot.  Keep doing so until Windows is silent when it starts.
If there is ever a problem, or if Windows didn't detect something automagically, or if you forgot to remove components before you replaced a motherboard, then use the "Add New Hardware Wizard" to do a complete system search.  Appropriate drivers will be installed, and inappropriate drivers will be uninstalled.
If the Add New Hardware Wizard doesn't complete, then either your new motherboard has a problem, or Win95 is totally confused.  Re-run Setup.exe from your Win95 installation disk or CD.  This is not as bad as it sounds, but Windows will sometimes forget about some of the software you've installed, especially 16-bit software.
Your last resort is to wipe Win95 and install it onto a clean hard disk using the new motherboard.  This is why I had you back up your system, remember?

Accepted Solution

4info earned 200 total points
ID: 1758544
The right answer is posted from "rmarotta" with win95 a hombrew pc type setup, when changeing the motherboard, you can invariably eliminate any problem if you start the new MB as a new computer, first test for booting as described by "rmarotta" then shut down and add your disk drive controler if the MB does not have it in it, then connect only eht floppy and test for booting, then shut down, and add the old system HD if you had more than one, then run windows 95 set up disc in the floppy, it should find an existing os, and will promt you from there, add each other peice of hardware one at a time in the same fassion, and if any of your hardwares had to have manualy set irq's and stuff, then make sure you click the options you need and add any thing that you have to set manualy this if needed you should already be familiar with if you are at the point of changeing your own MB...... Also a couple Tips, you even install windows 95 straight out it will only change all files back to stock software version levels, so any newer files like DLL's you will need to get and reinstall (no biggy).......

The number one tip for win95.......... NEVER REFORMAT! Learn the registry, it's simple, run your sysedit regulary and just read all entries, and right before adding new hardware AND software, copy them all to a floppy.................................. Just go to Start/Run/sysedit

Expert Comment

ID: 1758545
I forgot to add; very IMPORTANT TO ALL;

Win 95 has been known lately to fry modems, video cards, processors, and maybe more in home brew pc's or pc's that have had lots of extra goodies put in if you F-Disk and ReFormat with ALL you Hardware STILL IN IT, so TAKE OUT THE JUNK if you upgrade MB's, or HD's (not for adding an HD though, only if you are takeing the old out, and putting back a single HD) If you are unable to install the new HD as D:\ or what ever and copy your full system disc to it, then make it the system disc, and then remove your old one.

What happens is while windows is installing it finds the defaults from the hardware, and (most of us have conflicting hardware),  any conflicting addies seem to somtimes slip through and end up being caught in a test routine of the win95 setup process, and can sometimes open + or - voltage into a port set for other signals in another device and smoke time........ We will be seeing more of this now that more people are upgradeing on their own, WIN 98 may be above this, I'm not but my son has been part of the testing for it, and also works for Paul Allen, I should ask him if he can get some info on that.....

Expert Comment

ID: 1758546
Have you tried any of these suggestions yet?
Any progress?
We need some feedback from you.

Author Comment

ID: 1758547
I have tried a couple of things. I found that it doesn't like my new agp video card. I put back my old svga isa. I have tried makeing a eru disk from another computer using win95. I backed up all the same files on the new computer system.dat, user.dat, system.ini, protocol.ini and win.ini. It says the recovery is complete and blows up in the same place, starting loading gui. I tried reloading windows 95 and  during the loading, I get "Windows protection error, you must restart". I restart and it blows again. I tried booting a disk that has NT 4.0 installed and it claimed "processor error and the blue screen of death". Is there something about the AMD k2/300 CPU that is causing this?

Author Comment

ID: 1758548
The computer has 32Mb DIMM and an onboard IDE controller for a Samsung 3.4 Gb drive and a svga card installed. No mouse or anything else. I am thinking about trying another processor. It is AMDK6-2/300.

Author Comment

ID: 1758549
The problem turned out to be settings on the motherboard. I returned it to the dealer who had tested this board with Windows 95. I got a new board and it had the same problem. I got out the manual and checked the jumpers myself and found all sorts of errors down to even the wrong voltage on the CPU

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