Need code to parse script code in Delphi

I need working source code for a Delphi scripting parser.

In the simplest form I would like to be able to create variable in the script and run functions and procedures


x := 1;
y := 'Nothing';
z := Copy(y, x, 4);
Result := z;

Idealy I would like to be able to define functions in the script similar to what we do in Delphi



TempStr := 'This is a test string';

TempStr := MyCopy(TempStr);

Result := TempStr;

function Mycopy(S: String): String;
  Result := Copy(S,3,3);

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ThaddyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is the complete freeware delphi parser with source.
If you want to use vbscript or javascript instead, mail me and I'll give you the source to my article
Could you elaborate on what kind of script you need?

Regards Jacco
Gerhard100198Author Commented:
Edited text of question
What do you mean? a Delphi scripting parser?
Sergey Kurinn et al. have written a freeware delphi interpreter that's more than pretty good.
If you mean windows scripting host (vb/jscript a.o.) then I've written an article about how to use the msscript.ocx control with delphi in sdgn magazine (in dutch, code commented in english). It's not a parser, but it enables you to integrate scripting in your applications pretty seamlessly. If you want the code just mail me (
Also, if you want a really GREAT scripting engine with sourcecode,including multiple parsers:delphi, vb, sql,perl,jscript, the afore mentioned Sergey et. al. have written it( not the freeware, but far more than that). Just pay him $395 and it saves you at least a month's work.(dream scripter)

Gerhard100198Author Commented:
Thaddy, you've mentioned a freeware version of DreamScripter. I've been to their home page but see only reference to an evaluation version.
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