Repairing Corrupt Paradox Database Tables

We keep getting corrupt database headers in our main paradox table - 23mb in size. Is there a way to repair the table? Is there a utility available where we can look at the data (when the header is corrupt, the data cannot be seen) to try and find out why it keeps getting corrupted?
The database is on a Novell server with LAN access. Only used by about 6 users. There are 12 indexes involved. Using Delphi 3.0 Client/Server version.
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ZifNabConnect With a Mentor Commented:

There are components available (freeware) which can repair the paradox table. You can find functions of the BDE which allow you to repair a table. (I think even RxLib has a repair function)

Here is a link to an example of the usage :

other download versions available at :

Regards, Zif.
I think if you look for a TUTILITY component or program (I think that's the name, it's been a couple of years or so since I've needed it), you might find something that will do what you need.

We had this problem so often with Paradox, it's why we gave it up as a database platform.

I think you should use the Tutilty Utitlity which comes with Paradox.( i.e. by Paradox 7 you find it in the Menu Tools|Tablerepair...
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CSGPCAuthor Commented:
I have tried the tutility - but it says that I need to manually re-build the table. How do I do this?

PS I do not have Paradox - we just use Paradox database tables with the Delphit application.
Have you upgraded to version 5.0 of the BDE (available from Inprise's web page)?  I have already found that Version 5.0 is more robust than the  version shipped with D3.  The upgrade was painless for me.

At the same time, you will want to check out the D3 bug fix upgrades on their website.

After you have done these things, try this:

1. make a complete backup copy of your files
2. delete ALL of the index files from the copy you are working on
3. run the TUtility and rebuild all of the affected tables. DO NOT click on the verify button.

If this doesn't work, I think it may mean you're buggered.

P.S. If you are using client server, you may want to move to a SQL server base ASAP.  It is far more reliable and better for large databases.
Correct, large databases are better made on sql server base, not with Paradox. Well, paradox has this problem and sometimes you need to repair it, so why not implementing this repair function into code, so your users can repair the tables themself with a simple button click... Or let the repairing work automatically... Isn't the link I provided you (of example how to repair paradox files) correct?

The freeware in the answer wants the tutil32.dll. This is packed their:

If the freewaretool means to rebuild the table manually then try the rebuild by clicking the rebuild button.

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