frequent crashes

 Hi there,

       I am using windows 98 but i am getting annoyed of that because it crashes frequently specially when i am using  the internet. what can i do for this? please give me a good solution,....

      thanking u
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snagwoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open Control Panel, System, Performance tab, if your System Resource is low then try to free up memory by closing programs or deleting from your programs-startup group
Well,  try doing this:  Go to Start-> Run-> Msconfig.  Go to the advanced button and select 'Limit memory to 16MB' You probably won't have as many crashes.  What to do?  Just change the memory settings if that worked,  else,  Try disabling your secondary cache in the BIOS,  
there are many reasons that it crashes frequently when you are on the internet nirvani. i don't think that doing what wardog said would do anything substantial to reduce the number of crashes.

it would help if you tell us what applications you are using when you have the crashes, and if you know what triggers the crashes. in many cases it could just be a software bug instead of an OS bug.

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Pls post HW details:
Motherboard model and manufacturer.etc.
Hard drive model manufacurer, specs.
Configuration details.

When you say crash... do you mean a freeze, reboot, blue screen, illegal operation ....?
Is there a common error message that appears. What are the symptoms?

Things that cause crashes are software problems, bad memory, bad cpu, corrupt drivers.
Has this problem always happened or just recently. If the problem has always been there, check to see if you have the latest BIOS version. A lot of branded computers have releases of updated BIOS version often. If the problem has recently occurred but used to work ok ... think back to what has been changed.

Good luck

Get rid of win98
Win98 is better than Win95, however be aware that Win98 is designed to run on the latest and greatest.
You may experience problems if your machine is not up to spec.
This problem is mainly an issue with branded hardware. IE Compaq, HP, Digital etc
Clones seem to work ok ... but then again most people with clones build their own machines and always keep up to date.

If practicle you could always FDISK your HDD and reformat then re-install. Installing over the top will not work. At best you should deltree the Windows directory. I suggest an FDISK and a FORMAT as this will also indicate if the HDD has experienced bad sectors or other forms of corruption.

Usually,  random crashes are due to a memory error. Just try this and see if it helps.  If it doesn't work, there's not very much time invested anyway.

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