Installing a cd-rom drive.

I had to format my hard drive.  When I re-installed Win 95,
there is no cd-rom drive installed.
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cheekycjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
this is what you need to do:

1.   find out if cd-rom is atapi or not.
2.   download the drivers for the cd-rom.  (from manufacture website or
go to and download generic ide or atapi drivers)

3. edit your config.sys file (located at c:\) add the following line:
DEVICE=C:\cd_rom_driver_directory\driver_name.SYS /D:some_name
usually some_name is like cd001 or cd_sys001 etc

4. edit your autoexec.bat file (located at c:\) add the following line:
(the /L:G  assigns the letter g you can leave it blank or give it some other letter)

this should work if you have problems let me know.

need more information on your system
I don't understand how you installed Win95... unless you used floppies.  Otherwise, your cd is probably connected to an IDE connection on a sound card.  Configure it as slaveon the IDE bus that youe hard drive is running on and see what happens.
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When you formated your hard drive, you erased several things required for your cd-rom to be recognized, specifically the AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, and CD-ROM drivers -- Microsofts is MSCDEX.EXE or something.

My suggestion would be to get to the web site of your cd-rom manufacturer - then download what will most likely be a self extracting program which will give you those files and drivers.

If you have a version of MS-DOS, you could install that and then install the drivers.

Sometimes Windows won't see the CDROM at the end of setup.  Was it recognized after a re-boot?
To save time in solving your problem, it will be helpful to know about components installed in your system.
Tell us the CPU, memory, hard drive(s), CDROM, etc.
Also post your autoexec.bat & config.sys files here.
truemkeAuthor Commented:
Thank You!
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