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95 out of order

wirefram asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I have almost the same problem than Jacoodie, old system files needed. I was trying to install NT4 workstation through the network to another computer (486/dx) having 95 installed. Something went deeeeeply wrong, I rebooted the 486 and receive "I'ts not a startup disk". I have a startup disk created with a recent version of 95, when I boot this one I receive "compression driver cannot be set up correctly" and "wrong MSDOS version". What can I do? I have 95 on CD but My 486 doesn't have a cd drive.

Can I replace specific old 95 files with new files copied on floppy from the CD? If yes, what are they?


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Edited text of question
I have never done an NT install over a network but when you do it from CD-Rom it creates 3 NT boot disk that it uses to finish the install after you reboot the machine.  I would imagine it works the same over the network.  Other os's that I have installed over networks need to be able to see the network at boot in order to continue loading after machine restarts.

If you are trying to get win95 back running.  You might try using the sys command after booting from a win95 bootdisk or fdisk with the /mbr switch.


fdisk /mbr does do anything. If I do sys c: it ask if I want overwrite the DOS, if I do it, I guess I won't be able to even try restoring W95.

c: command.com = "incorrect MS-DOS version."
c: autoexec = "error 7750 cannot locate registry"

While trying to install NT over the network both computers were connected, everything was OK and I tried sharing both registries, I think by doing that I mess up. May be if I could restore the registry on the 486 I'd be able to re-connect my computers and then, install W95 (new version) over the network.

Can't find how I restore the registry.

In fact my main problem right now is I don't have the old W95, I have the new one on CD and no floppy, the 486 doesn't have a cd drive so I just can't reinstall from my cd.

I think everything would be easier if I could get an old DOS, the one uses by the old W95 on the 486. But where do I get an old DOS?

are there any cd-roms that you could swap out to use in the 486 station??


Helas! No cd rom I can borrow. I think my last hope is to create  W95 floppies install from the cd. Can't say I like the idea of creating some 18/20 floppies only to reboot an old 486 and then reinstall the new W95 with new DOS.

I don't get it, there is no way to get OLD MSDOS files to fix the problem? I am not the only one (see jaccobbi post), I believe somewhere, someone must know where to get this old DOS stuff! Or to fix the old MSDOS.

I have DOS 6.22 - - I could zip the floppies and email them - I no longer use the software, only for troubleshooting like you. You could unzip them to floppies (3) and then get your 486 to find the CD ROM without doing the hard way. Let me know.


Dos 6.22 is the old DOS? I had no idea what the number was. I'll be more than happy if you could do that (email the dos zipped) is it a DOS you used for a previous version of W95?

I don't have a CD-rom on my 486, if I unzip your files and copy to floppies, do you think I could use the floppies to restore my old W95 on my 486? In fact the files should replace the whole DOS files (very likely corrupted or upset).

If it doesn't bother you too much, I really appreciate your offer.

Thanks a lot.

ya know, there is a shareware version of something like laplink - - I'll look it up, then you could install DOS (yes, this version would work)and install the laplink like program. Then copy the .cabs to a directory on the host, transfer them to the DOS machine, and the install WIN95 from the HDD. The shareware program installs from floppies as well.

I really think this would work.


OK, I'll look it up too, I guess I use it once i have your zip files copied on floppies?


I forgot to ask. Do you have my email address? it's


Have you tried rebooting with the NT startup disks?


I don't have NT installed on my 486 then the NT startup can't work. I heard about something called MSdos 6.22 upgrade supposed to fix old DOS problems? Right now in fact I still have this problem, the DOS used to create my Windows95 start-up disk is not the same DOS than the one on my 486.

My best bet would be to get the DOS 6.22 but I don;t have it.

That may not be an answer, especially if you do not know what OS you had on before Win95.

Here is the rundown:

PCDOS - IBM's DOS. Went to version 7.0
MSDOS 5.0 - Needed to upgrade to 6.2 for Win95
MSDOS 6.0 - Same, removed certain files that captured viruses (join.exe)
MSDOS 6.2 - can use for Win95
MSDOS 6.22 - last version before 95
MSDOS 7.0 - ships with 95, 32 bit, longfilename support

IF you had PCDOS on your system, then went to Win95, this will not work.

If you had MSDOS on this system, then you may be able to do what you are asking.

You mention that you have a network. If the network is attached to a machine with a CD-ROM, then copy the files to the Network, then get a network boot disk. Copy the files from there.

sys c: will get you bootable on the 486, you will see your files, but then you will have to reinstall Windows. At this point, reinstalling win95 is the best suggestion. Otherwise, you will be fighting with a 'band-aid' setup.

I believe either the drive will have to be sys'd or fdisked. If you sys the drive, you will at least get into the system to backup files. You said that you were installing NT on the system. Is this true? If so, check fdisk to make sure this drive is reading Fat partitions instead of NTFS.

One last suggestion: take the HD out of the box, hook it up to another system as a secondary drive. Go into the OS, then back up all your files. Wipe the drive clean and put on the WIn95 flat. Put the HD back in your machine.


Not a bad idea but instead of the HD I hooked up the CD drive from my other computer. I installed the driver on but it doesn't recognize it, and it's really installed, when I type

dir <mydriver> /s it shows up in its directory.

Now I have the CD connected, I have my Windows95 CD inside, how can I boot so my cd will shows up?

I copied the 2 driver files of the cd drive on my boot disk but it doesn't do anything.

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I'd like to share my points between everybody. Don't know if I can do that.
None of the comments I received solved my problem but I learned good stuff so thanks to everyone.
Here is the all story, the answer might look stupid to lot of people but I didn't know it until today.
+++I bought a 486/DX, no CD drive, Windows95 already installed   no W95 floppies. I did something wrong and couldn't boot W95.
I had a start-up disk created with a newer version of W95, when I rebooted with, it didn't work because W95 was installed with a different DOS version.
On my HD I had a folder WIN95, I used the SETUP command that is in it and Windows 95 reinstalled itself.
Look simple! But it was not for me, reason, I didn't want to use this SETUP before because I didn't have the software (original) I didn't have a W95 on floppies and no CD-drive, I was afraid that starting the SETUP will ask for the CD like it normally does. I have no idea how W95 can re-install itself WITHOUT having a CD but anyway what's count is the result and now everything works fine. I went through hell and now I am in Paradise! Hope my experience will be useful to someone.

Thanks to all the experts who sent me a message.


He! I have 17 points left, hope I won't have any more problems!

What can I ask for 17 points? Today's date?

FYI. When you load Win95, the setup.exe will install on the HD. If the setup.exe is run, it will begin to re-set up Win95. If you have files with a .cab extention on the HD, and you answer all the setup questions, then Win95 will reinstall without having a CD ROM.

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