How to compare TimeValues ???

I try to compare 2 differtent TimeValues via "<" ">" like

Select * from Time where time.time1 < 'enteredTime' .
I did it from my code in Visual Basic , but get always an ODBC - called faild ! Hope someone can help me ... ThanX
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TheAnswerManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do this..

ls_SQL = "SELECT * FROM TimeTable WHERE " _
        & " TimeTable.Time1 < " _
        & "'" & format(enteredTime,"HH:MM:SS") & "'"

'or whatever format your Time1 field is..
Victor SpiridonovCommented:
'ODBC call failed ' is only the first part of ther error ,what does full text says?
Also, run SQL Trace when executing this query,and see what is actualy being sent to the server (and post here).
Victor SpiridonovCommented:
The proposed answer will not work. In SQL Server date and time are stored in the same field.
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