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Num Lock key upon startup

I have an NT Workstation when it boots up it always has the Num Lock key by default.  We had a computer store take the machine to work on it and when it came back the Num Lock key does not stay on by default.  How do I change it so that I don't have to press the Num Lock key every time I start the computer!
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You should find this option in your BIOS.
Check it out and if you can't find it let me know.
G0LIATH, BIOS didn't help, 'cause NT has its own opinion how
to set NumLock.

Following works (sometimes):

  login as user
  switch on NumLock
  logoff (not shutdown!)

If you use server-based profiles (ntuser.dat), make shure that
you have a connection to your DCs.
Fancy, I might be able to help. reject the answer if it's not helping
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the following registry-entry sets the numlock on at every startup:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Keyboard
and change the InitialKeyboardIndicators value from 0 to 2

cbo, sound that this is the same as my suggestion ;-)
Of course, you have to change in the HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT also if you want it to change it also at logon !!!
fancyAuthor Commented:
This workstation is connected to a NT Server that runs a login.bat
The num lock will be on while the computer boots up but as soon as
the user logs in it goes away!
OK, if you are not working with mandatory profiles, changing the registry for the user should do the trick.  Of course this would have to be done for every user. If you really need for everyone just make a batch file in the login script setting the above registry in the current user.  To make sure that also new user get the numlock on, change it also in the default user.

If you are using mandatory profiles, just edit the profile !

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