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No sound

I'm working on Windows 95 O/S with GroupWise as my e-mail and Notify as my notifier software. I'm using a Compaq Deskpro EN seris 6333 PC.  I have 56 users that are using the same setup as mine and we can no longer here Notify sounds I tried to install the ESS 1869 Audio Drivers from Compaq's site but to no avail that didn't work.

How can I fix this problem????
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Try Control Panel|Sounds. There you probably will see Sounds event list for your GroupWise software!

yellowgAuthor Commented:
I've tried the Control Panel/Sound features but that didn't work.  Is there anyone that experienced this problem before and solved it?????

try to install the 3.11 drivers (sounds weard, but might work) and after that, install the new drivers for 95. by your question, it seems to me, your soundcard is a gravis ultrasound compatible.
Good luck,Justus
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I'm guessing that all of sudden these notify sounds just stopped working.  Make sure that you've selected a notify "sound" in the notify setup menu.  Something on the network may have "reset" all user's configs.
This is a WWW question?
If you go into Control Panel, and Multimedia, is the REcording and Playback options greyed out?

If not, is there any program that you can get a sound out of? How about a CD(audio)?

Give this a try and let me know.
I had the same sort of problem with an ess sound card.  It seems that plug and play detect the card as an unknown device so go to Control Panel/Systen/Device Manager and remove the unknown device.  Then if the card has not be manually installed do so.  Plug and Paly for some reason just doesn't seem to work properly for these devices.
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