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Paging software

I need a small piece of software, or script that I can run from a crontab, without superuser access, that will check for new mail and if it finds some page me tell me so.  I do have the alpha paging side setup.
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Your question didn't tell us how you would like to be notified. Anzway, to just check if there is mail (adjust path to your requires):
   if (-s /var/mail/$user) echo Have mail
or if your system has messages(1):

If your system has newmail(1):
HoseheadAuthor Commented:
I would like to be notified via an e-mail sent to my pager.
newmail |& mail -s"Have mail" user@pager
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HoseheadAuthor Commented:
I would like to be notified via an e-mail sent to my pager.
Sorry, I didn't read  man newmail  carefully.
But if you can get the source of newmail, it should be easy to change the command it executes when detecting new mails.
I have a solution that will run with java and X.
HoseheadAuthor Commented:
I need this program to run on a machine where I am just a simple little user.  I want it to send e-mail to my alpha pager telling me that I have new mail.  It would be nice to have it list who sent the e-mail also...
fetchmail supports mail fetching/checking.  You don't need to run it from crontab, it can be run as a daemon w/ the -d command at any time interval you specify (daemon mode is disabled if you use "check").  usually I do fetchmail -d 800 (to check every 800 seconds).   Once you have that going you need a biff-type program that will send mail to your alpha pager.  something like newmaild might work for you. its nfo states:
  This is a VERY small program which uses BSD sockets to send an e-mail  to another account whenever an account gets mail. It is useful for folks  who have a secondary (or tertiary) account that gets much less mail than  their primary account and who don't wish to use a .forward for whatever  reason. It could also prove useful for those who are (as I was in writing it)  looking to learn a bit about socket programming.

If you want it go get it at
his homepage is at:
when you need programs in the future I recommend you go check out their appindex 'cause almost any new linux program gets a mention there.  in the appindex eMail section there is more email apps that may fit your bill as well.

so by using fetchmail and newmaild (or another biff-type app) you can have mail brought into your machine and then be notified of it.  then you can telnet or dialup to your linux box and get your mail.

anyway, hope that helps.  

I don't post answers 'till I know I give the solution, so if this is it I'll repost as an answer.
if it's possible to send email to
or something like that)
with subject == Your pager number , then this
simple .procmail file could help:

* < 1501 # Max size of message that my pager hadles normaly
* !^X-Loop: your@elmail.addr # to get it back ;)
| (formail -r -k -A"Subject: pagernumber" \
      -A"X-Loop: your@email.addr" -u"Subject: "; \
      ) | $SENDMAIL -t pager@company.mail


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