Hangs at 'Checking DMI data pool"

Tried to install an Iwill 2935UW SCSI adaptor.  System hangs on "Ch...".  Tried all four PCI slots, tried changing Award 4.51 BIOS settings concerning hardware interrupts.
 What is the DMI data pool?  What more can I Try?
Win95 SR2.1
Shuttle HOT 569 Ver 1.x w/Award Bios 4.51 and P&P ext.1.0a
Matrox Mysique
Quant F.B. 3.2 UDMA
Acer 56K Kflex/V90 ISA
Iwill bios seems to work in that it will scan & detect SCSI HD&CD
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not much of an answer: replace the malfunctioning hardware.
Max1100798Author Commented:
Innittio 9100 SCSI2 Adapter works fine!  Removing it phisicaly and from windows, and then installing the Iwill- HANGS!
Are you trying to boot an NTFS (i.e. Windows NT) partition?  I've seen the same problem on a AHA-2930 and it would hang there.  If I formatted as a FAT partition, it booted without problems.  It's not the DMI data pool, that's just the last thing displayed before the Adaptec card hangs.  It's a bug in the controller's BIOS and I haven't found and fix from Adaptec for it yet.
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Max1100798Author Commented:
Iwill 2935 UWSCSI using Innittio chip - not adaptec.
Using FAT32.
> What is the DMI data pool?

It saves the plug-and-play information.

> What more can I try?

Insert a bootable diskette into the A: drive,
and remove any disk from the CD-ROM drive,
and see if it accesses the A: drive,
and tries to boot from it.  Report your results.


1). Pull the card out.
2). In the CMOS setup program under PnP/PCI config. Set the option "clear configuration details" or somthing to that effect.
3). Re-install the card and try booting again.

If that doesn't work, you can try a newer bios for the Motherboard and see if that cures the problem with the Innittio chip.


Max1100798Author Commented:
Thanks for the ideas guys!
No idea where the floppy thing might lead, but it's worth a try.
I may try another MB.
Try a new drive I've seen this proble on IDE drives with corrupt Fat tables tryb scan disk on the ndrive after booting to DOS
With the SCSI adapter removed,
does your system boot from an IDE hard-drive?
If not, then from where does it boot?
What devices attach to the SCSI adapter?
Could your BIOS be trying to boot from some SCSI device,
rather than from your IDE hard-drive?
Does your BIOS have a "setup" option to "boot first from IDE"
versus "boot first from SCSI" ?
Max1100798Author Commented:
Normal boot from IDE Quatum.
Boots fine w/o Iwill2935.
Iwill detects Quatum Viking & Toshiba CD OK
Should boot from C: only, but hmmm?
I believe there is a boot SCSI option, but it is not selected.
By the way, I tried  the Iwill on an old PCI 486 - IT HANGS ALSO!
Any jumpers on the SCSI card,
i.e., to indicate which IRQ that the card will use?
Max1100798Author Commented:
No, looks like it's software configured.
 Just tried it in three different systems- HANGS EM ALL!
I think I got a bad card!  Thanks for the ideas!
> No, looks like it's software configured.
> Just tried it in three different systems- HANGS EM ALL!

You may have to remove/disconnect
all hard-drives & mouse & network-cards & sound-cards & CD-ROMs,
and then boot DOS from the 'A:' drive,
and then run the Configuration Utility
to select an "unused" IRQ for the SCSI card.
I use IRQ #10 for my SCSI card,
IRQ #5 for my sound-card, and
IRQ #11 for my network card,

Max1100798Author Commented:
Thanks for the thoughts, but at this point I have sent the thing back for replacement!  It shouldn't be this difficult to get a P&P card to work- but then...
How do I pull this question?
Again, thanks to all that responded!
> How do I pull this question?

Since at least one "proposed-answer" was posted
(which you rejected), you cannot remove it.

Instead, please post a "zero" point question to:
and indicate that you want to remove Q.10086938.
and state your reason(s) for the request.

On the other hand, if one of the contributors
assisted you, you could ask that person to post
an "answer", and then you could "accept" that answer,
and award the 100 points to that person,
in gratitude for the assistance rendered.

Max1100798Author Commented:
Please post an answer!  Thanks to all!!
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