Changing the Edit Control Fonts and Foreground Color

Posted on 1998-10-08
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
I want to change Edit control font and it foreground color.

Question by:aasif
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Accepted Solution

Answers2000 earned 150 total points
ID: 1323097
1. To change font use WM_SETFONT message.  Send it to the control.

2. To change foreground color handle WM_CTLCOLOR message

More details on this in my comment below (typing it now)

Expert Comment

ID: 1323098

Send a WM_SETFONT message to the control to set the font.

You will need an HFONT handle to a font.  You can get one use GetStockObject or by creating a font using CreateFont/CreateFontIndirect

The WM_SETFONT message includes 2 params :
(i) WPARAM = the HFONT of the new font
(ii) LPARAM = contains a flag indicating if control should redraw on immediately as a result of the font change.

Say m_edit is your CEdit associated with the control

// set to fixed pitch font
m_edit.SendMessage( WM_SETFONT, (WPARAM)(HFONT)::GetStockObject(ANSI_FIXED_FONT), MAKELPARAM(TRUE,0) ) ;


Edit control's send a WM_CTLCOLOREDIT message to the parent of the control (e.g. the dialog containing it) which you can handle to change the color of the control.

In MFC this will show in class wiz as WM_CTLCOLOR in the parent class, or if you derive your edit control class from CEdit as =WM_CTLCOLOR (message reflection).  See TN062 for more details on this.

(I) For example to handle in the dialog/window containing the edit
(a) over-ride WM_CTLCOLOR, check it's the control you're interested in by checking the control id against the one you want (this is passed as a param in OnCtlColor)
(b) use SetTextColor to set the foreground color
(c) use SetBkColor to set the background color (you should also return an HBRUSH handle to a solid brush created using CreateSolidBrush to change the color)

OR (II) To create a self contained color-edit control
(a) Use Class Wiz to create a class derived from CEdit, say CTColorEdit
(b) Add =WM_CTLCOLOR handling to this
(c) In dialog add a CEdit member variable to the control using class wiz, then modify the source to change CEdit to CTColorEdit.

Here's a CTColorEdit I did earlier

The .h
#if !defined(AFX_COLEDIT_H__181F26C2_FFA0_11D1_A899_E46B7D4B7F46__INCLUDED_)
#define AFX_COLEDIT_H__181F26C2_FFA0_11D1_A899_E46B7D4B7F46__INCLUDED_

#if _MSC_VER >= 1000
#pragma once
#endif // _MSC_VER >= 1000
// coledit.h : header file

// CTColorEdit window

class CTColorEdit : public CEdit
// Construction

// Attributes

// Operations

// Overrides
      // ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides

// Implementation
      virtual ~CTColorEdit();

      // Generated message map functions
      afx_msg HBRUSH CtlColor(CDC* pDC, UINT nCtlColor);

      HBRUSH m_hbr ;


// Microsoft Developer Studio will insert additional declarations immediately before the previous line.

#endif // !defined(AFX_COLEDIT_H__181F26C2_FFA0_11D1_A899_E46B7D4B7F46__INCLUDED_)

The .cpp
// coledit.cpp : implementation file

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "comply2k.h"
#include "coledit.h"

#ifdef _DEBUG
#define new DEBUG_NEW
#undef THIS_FILE
static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;

const COLORREF crBack = RGB(0,0,255) ;
const COLORREF crFore = RGB(255,255,255) ;

// CTColorEdit

      m_hbr = CreateSolidBrush( crBack ) ;

      DeleteObject( m_hbr ) ;


// CTColorEdit message handlers

HBRUSH CTColorEdit::CtlColor(CDC* pDC, UINT nCtlColor)
      pDC->SetBkColor( crBack ) ;
      pDC->SetTextColor( crFore ) ;

      return m_hbr ;

In this example crBack is the background, crFore is the foreground.  In this I choose a blue background with white text foreground.  Modify the RGB values to make your own colors.

Author Comment

ID: 1323099
Since I am new in MFC therefore, I couldn't find this is enough for me, Could you plz give me some code example. I am using the Edit control in a Dialog application.

I am explaining little bit more the requirement,

1) How I set the a particular font to my Edit control.
2) What should I do for changing the foreground color with WM_CTLCOLOR message.


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Author Comment

ID: 1323100
Just one more clearification,

I have a font installed in my Fonts directory, having name,

urdu web

Plz tell me with code, how can I select it with my Edit control,



Expert Comment

ID: 1323101
1) How I set the a particular font to my Edit control.

(a) Add HFONT member varaible to the dialog, say m_hFont ;
(b) Look up LOGFONT structure in the help.  Declare one and fill in your constructor for the dialog class, then create font using this
lf.lfHeight = ...etc.
m_hFont = ::CreateFontIndirect(&lf) ;
(c) In OnInitDialog use WM_SETFONT message to set this font as I showed in my prev comment
(d) In your destructor delete the font

2) What should I do for changing the foreground color with WM_CTLCOLOR message.

I thought I had explained this in 6:03 comment.  Here are steps again
(a) Put my header into a new .h file, say coledit.h
(b) Put my cpp into new .cpp file, say coledit.cpp (remove #include comply2k.h line)
(c) Add this to your project, and compile
(d) In dialog .cpp #'include coledit.h before the dialog includes its own header
(e) Use class wiz (Ctrl-W) / member variables tab to associate a CEdit control with the req'd control, say m_edit
(f) edit the dialog's .h file, and change the line that says something like:
CEdit m_edit
CTColorEdit m_edit
Be careful to preserve any punctuation on this line


Author Comment

ID: 1323102
I lookup the LOGFONT structure in the help file. Should I place

lf.lfFaceName = "urdu web"

for a particluar font, which is present in my fonts directory?



Author Comment

ID: 1323103
Although Answers2000 didn't answer my last query. I have solve it by myself. But I am giving him points.

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