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Where can I find info about my video card and wether I use VGA or SVGA?
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Hippy is right, but I think that what he is suggesting is overkill. There is no need to open up you machine and look at the card. Just go to display properties via the control panel.
Under settings look at the different display resolutions. If you can sucessfully select and test a resolution of 800 x 600 or above you have a SVGA graphics card. If not, its VGA.

You should be able to tell by examining the width x height of the highest display resolution of your video card. I think svga is greater than  600 x 800.  Post this value and we can tell you for sure.


Tell us the numbers printed on the largest chip on the card, then someone can tell you exactly what it is and point you in the direction of more info about it.

DmitriyAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to know the name of the Video card?
This is sometimes possible by looking at the device driver information. The location of this information may vary depending on the driver. Look for the settings under
Start -> settings -> Control panel -> display. Examine all the tabs, but its usually under a  settings or information tab, or under a "more info" button.

Sometimes this information, especially on older cards, is not displayed and you have to physically look at the video card.

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