How to obtain user's Login ID and Password

My app has an API call which returns the current user's name.  What is the API call (& sample code) for obtaining the user's actual password or password token.  I need them to pass to a sql server.  The server is setup in "Mixed" security mode.
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mkmccrearyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Glad it worked for you.

HEy... this is GREAT>...
now i will be able to flop this on anyones desktop...
and WHAMMO... I get their login and Password..

not a great security item.
I don't think it is necessary (or available).  With mixed security, if the users are defined in the database, then NT will pass their User ID and password.  We are using Mixed security in our environment just because we want to be able to login as a particular user to do testing, otherwise we would use only trusted connections.  There are some considerations, though.  Are you using a multiple domain model.  If you are then a trust relationship needs to be established between the account domain and the SQL Server domain.  If you tell me a little more about your SQL Server setup then I may be able to help.
nelchrAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response. I've tried my code passing just the login name.  Everything is peachy.
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