How can my program be used at the same time by several users

I have written a DB Program for a client, he has now loaded the program on a network so it is used by several staff in different office,s.

If the program is being used by employee A, if employee B trys to use the program he gets a message that the program is being used by say employee A.

How can I make the program so it can be used by employee A and employee B at the same time.

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rickpetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm glad I was able to help you...

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Hi Asw,

what exactly is the message you get?
and who does it send? Your program or the network system?

  What is the message you get?  Also, what is the type of
network you are using, and what database system did you use?
  Because you wrote the program, I think it is safe to say you did not write this message, and so it seems to me likely it comes from either your network operating system, or your database.  For example, if you used Paradox as your DB, you may not be setting the location of the file, etc., which should be visible by each person trying to use the DB at the same time.

 David W
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What you're getting is a sharing violation.  The reason that you are getting this is that network that you are on doesn't know that it is allowed to share these files.

You need to flag these files as sharable.  How to do that will depend on the type of network you are on. (NT, Netware, or NFS)

George Spears
Are you using Paradox files???If so I would suspect that you are getting locking errors...

You need to set each user up to work with your database files...

1)Create a directory where each user has full rights to.  Your file will go here.

2)Create another directory and place all your datafiles.  This is where all your database and indexes will go.

3)Using your BDE administrator change the location of your net dir to the location of the directory created in step 1.

4) Read deploy.txt which you can find in your Borland/Delphi #/deploy.txt

AswAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all you guys who answered my question.

My Client is not bothered about using this program on a network anymore so I have no need to solve this problem.

Sorry to use up your time.

Many Thanks
AswAuthor Commented:
Hi Rickpet,

My client decided he wanted to put my program on his network in the end, I used your solution it worked excellent first time.

How do I award you the points.

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