RE: Excel...

This Q is wether it is possible, NOT Full code

Can u design a spreadsheet in excel....
and use A VB 5.0 application as the interface...

This is for a structural design program...
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Yes, of course.  You can use Ole automation for this. You must have MSExcel installed in the workstation.
I 've sample code.  I can send it by e-mail.
Only give me your address.

Sorry, my english is very bad

MAVERICKAuthor Commented:
ICQ: 6631387

BTW I delayed accepting the answer to determine the appropriate points depending on the code

MAVERICKAuthor Commented:
are you going to email the code ????
The Whats in that code determines the points ... thats why I'm delaying....

MAVERICKAuthor Commented:
I've had some general problems with the Computer.... so I haven't been able to check out the code u emailed.....

thanks for your effort

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