Boot Freeze

When I turn on my computer it freezes up sometime it will make it almost all the way into windows and sometime it just never gets started at all just a black screen.  Once you get it to boot everything works fine, it may just take all day to get booted up.
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mark2150Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sometimes a HD will be flakey when cold. The platters expand slightly as they warm. When the HD is cold you get mis-reads on data that was put down hot. Solution is to cover vents to let drive warm up a bit. Another alternative is to backup entire system, reformat while hot and reload. This will record all data at once and tracks will be nice and evenly aligned. As you record software onto your disk at different times/temps, the tracks slowly develop a bit of skew. Rewriting the whole disk as one chunk sometimes fixes this.

Let's try some rudimentary things first.

What version of windows?
When have you run scandisk?
When was the last time you defragged the hard drive?
What programs are in the Startup group?

If you need help to answer or do any of these tasks, just post!
Check out Microsoft's trouble shooter at:

If that doesn't seem to help, then here is some additional articles:
Troubleshooting Windows 95 Startup Problems and Error Messages:
Troubleshooting Windows 95 Using Safe Mode:

Let me know if this helps;
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Does it seem to finally boot only after it has warmed up?
ttommyAuthor Commented:
Version is 4, Scandisk yes , defragged yes, start up , notron antivirus. a screen saver and ICQ
sometime it does seem to get started after it warms up.
Try to verify for sure that temperature definately does or does not have an effect.If it does,you have a hardware problem (software doesn't go 'thermal').Making this determination now will save you hours of barking up the wrong

Think back to the times you powered it on cold (e.g.: was off for several hours) - did it EVER complete the boot? Or was it only after several attempts (all the while warming up) that it finally took off?

For a test,you could power on cold,verify it hangs,then cover it with a plastic bag while still on and wait an hour.Reset and see if it boots.
ttommy were those links any help?

i believe it is a hardware issue.  pls check your CPU fan and ensure it spins.  also, faulty or incompatible memory can cause problem too.

ttommyAuthor Commented:
The fan is working and memory has been tested and is working fine,what else?
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