Adding and deleting a menuitem at runtime

Is this true, or faked, as I am thinking.  I can make a control array, and set it to invisible, and then set it to visible, but is that being dynamic?
If so, can someone show me a little sample code to add and delete a menuitem at runtime please.

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a111a111a111Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Option Explicit

Private Sub nmuMenu1_Click()
nmuMenu2.Visible = True

End Sub
Private Sub nmuMenu2_Click()
nmuMenu2.Visible = False

End Sub

If you need the complete project you can download it:
menuguyAuthor Commented:
I have found what I was looking for, create the menu array, and then use load menu(1), and once done remove with unload menu(1).

Thanks anyway, I probably didn't make my question clear enough.
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