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does apple/macintosh offer an application that creates a database of the application the user is using and the time they used that application and how long they used it for?  this is for a computer lab in a middle school and we have to monitor what apps the students are using and how long they are using them for.
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TheHubConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wow...another macintosh applications library. Thanx for asking this question.

Your utility can be found at:
You can track the "recent applications" folder (in the apple menu), but that can be easy to get around
Oh heavens...some of the links on the page do not work. I suggest that you read up on the utility that you are interested in and try this link to download what you like:

You may be interested in the timeslice options, of which there are two, one commercial - timeslice-172.hqx - and one shareware - time-slice-lite-31.hqx.
Consultant can be found at:
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