unable to connect with Freeserve

I AM CURRENTLY WITH AOL but thought I would try Freeserve. The software loaded fine but connection was not possible. Suspecting ie4 problems I uninstalled Win98- no joy. I then formatted my HD and reinstalled Win 95 -still no joy. It sounds as if Freeserve are permanently engaged but my neighbour (with identical software) has no problems.
On Freeserves advice I have checked the settings of Network, Dial Up Networking and Programme Files (IE)
but with zero success
AOL has worked fine throughout
Any advice greatly recieved
Nick Bennison
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Answers2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Freeserve works for me!  No problems

1. Go into control panel / system / device manager
2. delete the AOL network adapter
3. Reboot
4. Check the modem port is the right port
5. It should work now

I missed #2 and got the same results as you

switch to netscape
Not the now imfamous Dixons freeserve I hope? If so, see

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Which freeserve is it?

Try www.x-stream.com as an alternative free internet probider.

Try manually phoning the number for the Freeserve dial up to see if it connects.
Can you tell me more information about what happens when you try to connect to freeserve. I have fixed a couple of peoples connections recently.
Tim HolmanCommented:
I use X-Stream.
I had big problems getting it to work with Shiva DUN, so I installed Win 98 on a seperate partition, and with unaltered Dial Up Networking (ie no AOL installation!) it installed with no problems.
Never looked back since !
- You say AOL works fine throughout - try installing Freeserve first, and remove AOL completely, preferably burning the installation media, wiping your arse with the manuals and sending it back where it came from.

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