Broadcast Ip address ping problem

I am using an network with ip address from 1 to 254.My subnet mask is My problem is that   am able ot ping ( Broadcast address ) . But it  doesnot ping . I am really confused why it is pinging one broadcast address and other doesn't. Ideally it shoudn't ping any broadcast address. Can anyone give me a solution.
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hugheiaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Youve either set up a device wrongly or some equipment is misbehaving. To find the culprit:

(in a dos box) ping the address
then type (with a capital "A") arp -A
this will give you a MAC address for the ip number you can then deduce the manufacturer of the offending eqipment from the first few characters. You'll have manually compare this mac address with all your equipment.

rajeshrubAuthor Commented:
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ViperOneCommented: is your network address
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rbrCommented: is not a valid IP adress. Its the address of your whole network.
rajeshrubAuthor Commented:
It's o.k but why i am able to ping . This is an broadcast address.
This is strange. I can't ping my broadcast address.
rajeshrubAuthor Commented:
why i am able to ping broadcast address ?

It is not the broadcast address but, is so u are able to ping first one.But u should be able to ping also.
rajeshrubAuthor Commented:

i have tried your option after that following out i have received

(a) ping
after ping four times i ran Arp -A command . Following was the output..

internet address :-
physical address:-aa-00-04-00-bc-5b
type :- dynamic

Note that is our office VAX/VMS server address.

We are also using Windows nt 4.0 server here on which dhcp server is installed. One main thing i have noticed that if i run Ping from machine which is getting ip address from dhcp server then arp -A produces internet address is our gateway address.

From this output. i am really confused .Pls. help me...

are you pinging a machine on the same subnet. if not, the packets travels via the router. Is your subnet mask correct?
I'd love to know how this worked out.  If your subnet mask is, as you said,, then your network address is, and the broadcast address is, as Akanwar pointed out above.  Then and are just valid hostid's.

FYI, I have a Class C address (subnet mask is and I am able to ping my broadcast address just fine, but get an invalid address message when I try to ping the network address.  I'm not sure where the ping response is coming from; no arp cache entries are stored.
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