Display With 256 colours in C++

How can we have 256 colors and a screen resolution of 1024x728 in borland c++ 3.0 .Which 'bgi' file is required for it?
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akshyatAuthor Commented:
Hey This quetion is very very urgent...!!!
What is it you want to do with it? If you need it for heavy-load graphical applications that use a lot of images, i stongly advise using something else than BGI, let alone borland 3. For non-speed critical applications it would suffice i suppose.

Borland never made a BGI that supports that mode. THere are however 3rd party BGI's that do.

If i remember correctly there was a BGI made by Jordan Hargraphix (c 1991). This BGI supports the mode you need.
I have it on my HD somewhere, if you would like, i could mail it to you, and then you could see if it actually works.

akshyatAuthor Commented:
hey i ned the address of drivers..!!
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the points for this really should go to TheMadManiac.

You never asked for an URL, you just asked which BGI driver you needed.

Never the less, if seanowens answer is better, ignore seanowens last comment and just answer the question with an A or something :-). I don't do this for points anyway

TIP: ask your questions a bit better in the future, it might really help in getting your answers better AND quicker)

Or he should learn to use altavista.
yes well, some ppl are lazy b*stards...

btw, are you going to answer this question or do you just let it get autograded to a C ?

akshyatAuthor Commented:
thank u assholes..!!
akshyatAuthor Commented:
Hey madmaniacor whatever ur name dont get irritated man if u couldnt answer the question properly yaar...!!
Take it easy man...!!
I was busy all these days thats why i didnt log on to check all the (Edited by Computer101) mails and notices. Play it cool buddy..!!
i won't even comment more...
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