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Cipher, Beginners Question

Ok, I have code here that Will have a INputbox pop up and Ask you to enter a word to Cipher, the Only problem is it goes one word at a time.  I want to be able to Cipher a complete word rather than one word at a time, It's a basic Question, I'm only a newbie.

Private Sub cmdCipher_Click()
   Dim Letter as String
   Letter = Inputbox("Enter a Word To cipher")
   Label1.Caption = Label1.Caption & Letter
   Label2.Caption = Label2.Caption & Chrs$(Asc(Letter) + 3)
End Sub

Thanks in advance
1 Solution
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim mstrNewWord As String
    Dim mstrOldWord  As String
    mstrOldWord = InputBox("Enter a Word To cipher")
    mstrNewWord = Cipher(mstrOldWord)
End Sub

Public Function Cipher(vstrInWord As String) As String

    Dim mintCurrentPosition As Integer
    Dim mstrTempWord As String
    Dim mstrCurrentCharacter As String
    For mintCurrentPosition = 1 To Len(vstrInWord)
        mstrCurrentCharacter = Mid$(vstrInWord, mintCurrentPosition, 1)
        mstrTempWord = mstrTempWord & Chr$(Asc(mstrCurrentCharacter) + 3)
    Cipher = mstrTempWord

End Function
Try this code:

Text$ = InputBox$("Enter text to cipher:")
Label1.Caption = Text$
Temp$ = ""    'Clear Temp to prevent problems, extra characters
For i% = 1 to Len(Text$)       'Loop through all characters
   Temp$ = Temp$ + Chr$(Asc(Mid$(Text$, i%, 1)) + 3)
Next i%

This should work nicely.
Try putting:

Phrase = Msgbox("Enter phrase to cipher:")
Label1.Caption = ""
Label2.Caption = ""
FOR ndx = 1 TO LEN( Phrase )
    Letter = MID( Phrase, ndx, 1 )
    Label1.Caption = Label1.Caption & Letter
    Label2.Caption = Label2.Caption & CHR( ASC( Letter ) + 3 )
NEXT ndx

Let me know what grade you get on your homework...


infiniteloopAuthor Commented:
Damn That was QUICK!!!!!!!!,

infiniteloopAuthor Commented:
Homework eh!! =)

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