Executing PRO*C binary from crontab

We have a Pro*C executable which we are trying to execute from the cron. But the process execution goes into an infinite loop. The crontab entry is as below :

05 12 * * 0-6 /oracle/autopo

The Pro*C binary should be run at 12:05 a.m., do the needful and exit. But instead no updations take place and the process keeps on running forever.
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jbarsugConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this shell:

# shell program /export/home/CRONUSER/autopo.sh
set -ua

# path per 'env'


# go to cron user home
cd /export/home/"YOURUSERNAME"

# define other env ; I changed umask to overide system defaults

umask 000

# insert your SID and oracle stuff

# run autopo executable
cd /oracle

------------------- Crontab

05 12 * * 0-6 ${HOME}/autopo.sh 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null

vaidAuthor Commented:
Pro*C is an Oracle 7.1 Product.
Typical Pro*C executables need a lot of environment variables (like, ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID, etc) need to be set to function correctly.  Normally they are set from your shell start up files like .profile and so the program will work fine.

But when you run any executable from the cron, they are run directly - no shell is run.  This may be the problem. Create a shell script as below:

export ORACLE_HOME=...
export ORACLE_SID=...

Then call the script from the crontab as

05 12 * * 0-6 /oracle/autopo.sh

(I am assuming that the shell script is named as autopo.sh)
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Oops!  You may have to have the cron entry as

05 12 * * 0-6 /usr/bin/ksh /oracle/autopo.sh

Again, I spoke little too soon - without verifying.  Cron runs all commands using /usr/bin/sh. with a limited environment variables set.  

I think that the using a shell script is still the best way to go.  that way he can make sure all the env he needs is properly shet.  
i agree with seedy and kellyjj,
probably the user's default shell is not "sh" but "csh" or
"tcsh" and therefore, when it logins , the .cshrc runs.

however, cron runs with "sh" so that .cshrc will not be run.
you should either make a script to run the program or change
the program so it will "putenv" the needed variable as it starts.
a few dots and spaces didn't cut and paste  like dot space oraenv
and dot space autopo but you get the idea
vaidAuthor Commented:
I have seen jbarsug's answer in my mail, but have not been able to try it out. But, I have been able to find a solution to my problem after great R&D. The solution is :-
             1) I am executing the Pro*C binary from within a shell
             2) I have exported the required Oracle environment
                variables within the shell.
             3) After export I am executing the binary using the
                 following command :-
                 su oracle "-c /oracle/autopo -9 -u"
Through the above command the execution from crontab is perfect.
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