Finding local access numbers in hillbilly territory

Posted on 1998-10-14
Last Modified: 2013-12-25
I know this seems simple, but I live in a rural area and am very happy with my ISP (AT&T Worldnet), but they have no local access number for me and none in any exchanges in my LATA with Ameritech. They provide me a 800 #, billed at .10 a minute. Sounds cheap, but it was over $400 last month and has been running a min of $250 per month. Now this certainly works out well for AT&T, but I could buy a bass boat for that much. Here's what I can't figure out. How can I find a access number in my calling area and still connect directly to Worldnet for Email, launching, etc? Do I need to subscribe to another ISP too and if so how do I find one in this area? What if there isn't one? There might not be, because I think I am one of only 2 or 3 literate people in this area. I'm totally helpless when it comes to understanding how these connections work. Give me a good lecture on the basics and earn some points.
Question by:exchangelawyer
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Expert Comment

ID: 1855726
Call Worldnet and explain that to them.. Add that you would be willing to change to AT&T if they could get you a local access number... change from Ameritec to AT&T...


Expert Comment

ID: 1855727
I work for GTE, home of hill billy accounts for most of the country. I have worked in the billing/orders dept for 2 years now, and the biggest complaint we get is from people that have huge phone bills for internet access. A couple of suggestions...1)try to find a local ISP/OSP. The connection may not be as fast, or the 'bells and whistles' as fancy, but the $400 bucks a month back into your pocket would help...2)Check with your county library...many libraries offer almost free service to their server...the drawback is the text-only format..or 3) Check around!! Many ISP's, including GTE are expanding at a faster-than-calcutable rate and are adding dial-ups to the sticks....REALLY! Another option, is go for the pay-per-minute service, just download the info and turn off the connection. This is the pain-in-the-butt option, but you would not believe how much time is spent on-line, reading downloaded info!! Also, knowing how much you are paying per minute is better than paying casually dialed rates from your local phone company (ours range from .09 to .36/min for local long distance, depending on how far away and time of day, for example). Just get quick with the click-off from the connection. This will save you money, in a very short time. It is not the same as a local dial-up, but very helpful in combatting those huge phone bills!
Good Luck!!

Expert Comment

ID: 1855728
P.S. What area do you live in? I could check around for you at work for local dial-up info from our competitor profiles to try to find a local access for is worth a shot. Like I mentioned before, you may have to sacrifice quality for monetary convenience, but it would be worth it not to pay those astronomical phone bills.....Let me know

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Author Comment

ID: 1855729
This is far too simplistic an answer. I have already called AT&T (long distance and worldnet) I've also called my local telephone company and they can not add a calling area to my local service that has a access # that can link straight into worldnet.
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ID: 1855730
OK, sorry... I would go with Jennifer then...


Accepted Solution

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ID: 1855731
See comments above. Also, a local phone company will not expand a local calling scope because those calling areas are tariffed by the state PUCs(Public Utilities Commissions). Try my suggestions, they are not simplistic, but may be your only choice....They may not be the answers that you are looking for, but may be the only choice, until local access is more widespread.....The telecommunications companies count on remote users for one thing, and that is profit. That is why I suggested 800 access where you at least have an idea of what you are paying. I am also having to try the dial-up and dash technique, as my ISP is starting limited access (100 hrs per month) effective 11/1. Like it or not, even with a local access #, AT&T, MCI, GTE, and several other internet providers are getting away from unlimited access, so even those of us who have a local dial-up, still will pay the price.
Good Luck,

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