Wang Image Edit Control (IMGEDIT.OCX)

I would like to use the 'Wang Image Edit Control' (IMGEDIT.OCX) in my application to add some text to a TIFF image. Where can I get the documentation of this OCX from? The OCX comes with NT4.0 as part of the Wang Image Viewer (now it's no longer Wang, but Eastman Software).
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fulscherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wang has been bought by Eastman Software. Try

this has pointers. However, I don't know whether the "light" version that comes with NT/95 provides all necessary interfaces.

RalfZAuthor Commented:
There is no information on the Eastman homepage.
you can find information about wang image product at

I advice you to use lead32 control its more powrfull
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RalfZAuthor Commented:
There is no technical information about the Wang Image Edit Control OCX on the Wang Website
i have ImgEdit.hlp and i developed some application using it if u wish i can send it 2 u
RalfZAuthor Commented:
Thank U for your help, but I already found the ImgEdit.hlp and all the calls I need to know.
RalfZAuthor Commented:
Does anybody know how to create an object of the Edit Control OCX? I tried
-Set oImgEdit = CreateObject("ImgAdminLib.ImgEdit")
-Set oImgEdit = CreateObject("WangImage.EditCtrl.1")
and different other things (e.g. WITH activated reference to IMGEDIT.OCX, but how to refer to it (blanks in its name do prevent it :-(( ), all of them without success.
The reason why I need this is that I want to develop an OLE-Server which uses some methods of the Wang Edit Control OCX.
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