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Requirement in 3D Studio Max

What type of computer should I use to operate the 3D Studio Max in full speed? and what operating system should I use for it?
1 Solution
The faster, the better.  Lots of memory, too (64MB or more).  If you have multiple processors, things will go better. Also important is the type of video card (OpenGL support).  If you have a network, Max can have several machines generate the frames of a video working together as a team.  One machine is the manager and assigns frames to machines to be rendered.  I went from a Pentium 133 with 48MB to a 233 with 80MB and got over 100% speed improvement.
You will never get full speed.  The bigger the machine you get, teh more you push it, the slower it gets.  Of course the poor guy with the P100 32MB ram on NT thinks your machine is blazing fast.  If you are a animator at heart, you will find a way to make what you have work within your budget.
I started on a 386 w/ 4 MB ram on 3D-Studio DOS version 1.0  I took over a year to build it piece by piece.  The last component was an ATI 16bit video card that cost $500. I sold my computer almost a week after that to get a 486-33 w/ 12MB ram. I am still chasing my tail today with my P266 /w128MB ram, but I have a couple for network rendering.
DUAL 333 PENTIUM PROCESSOR running NT (for DUAL processor use)....512 MB RAM - and definitely a SCSI Barracuda or Cheetah hard drive (for reading those texture files on the fly).  I tried running MAX on a faster machine and it actually went slower.  Why?  Because at these speeds, the databus, type of motherboard chipsets, secondary cache, etc. etc. etc. seems to make little difference. The video card however, can improve performance.

If you anticipate using a lot of textures during rendering, get a video card with texture mapping memory (there are a bunch to choose from).   I use an OXYGEN with 4 processors (est. $6000).  The performance seems to be the fastest I have tested... An animation for a television news broadcast that I created took a week to render on my old machine (don't ask about the setup.. it is not worth mentioning)...

It took two hours on the machine I listed above.
Hi again, I saw you are very interested in 3D Studio ! Here is the good answer. Actually the most influencing aspects to speed up your 3D Studio MAX is RAM. The bigger your RAM, faster speed you will get. If your PC is low in RAM and processor, I suggest you to upgrade your RAM up to 128 MB RAM. Along with the RAM, Processor is also important. The faster the processor, the faster the rendering speed. However, RAM requirement is more important than processor. Now, let's not look at your hardware. Actually, if you want to get full speed on 3D Studio, you should concern about the way you design the 3D model. For example, if you are about to design human's face, of course using NURBS are a lot faster than using Edit Mesh or Edit Patch. Another way to improve the speed is by avoiding less important way of design. IF you are desining house looked from outside, don't design the interior of the building but design only the outside appearance of the house. That's it !  
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