CheckBox Problem In Access97

After conversion of application written in Access 7 to
Access 97 the check-box does not function properly:
clicking on mouse doesn't do anything, but pressing <space> does check the box.

When we "Design" the form and then change to "Form View" it works OK, but when we "Open" directly to form view we encountered this problem

We tried to create a new database in Access97 and to import everything into this new database, but it doesn't solve the problem.

How can we fix this problem ?        
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kulikuliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry for misunderstanding. I suggest you write a function that:
opens each form in the form's documents collection of the database
loops through all the controls
if the control Is TypeOf check then store it's name, controlsource, left and top property in variables
delete the checkbox control
create a new checkbox control using the createcontrol method
put the stored properties' values in that control
save and close the form using the docmd object

It will cost very few lines to code and you don't have to worry about anything when it is finished.
If your sure the code is correct, I would write the names down of each check box, delete them and replace with new boxes, making sure the correct names are attached.  this should solve your problem.

davidpoAuthor Commented:
Even a new check-box on the same form does not function properly.
Only on a new form the check-box  works OK
Of course, it is not reasonable to recreate every form in the application.
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I would strongly recommend an old (and very often and boring mentioned) trick: create a new database in MS Access97 and import all the objects from the converted database. This will cause MS Access to create all objects using the 97 standards.
davidpoAuthor Commented:
As mentioned, we tried this trick first.
If none of your checkboxes works ok (as you mentioned in another comment) then I would consider reinstalling MS Access in the first place. I converted forms from 95 to 97 without any problems considering checkboxes.
davidpoAuthor Commented:
We would like to try  kulikulis answer.
Can you add sample code ?
davidpoAuthor Commented:
The problem is a BUG in Access 97 which causes this phenomenon when the "Navigation Buttons" property is "No".
I am very happy you got it solved. I guess I just learned something new. Thanks for commenting your own solution. Also many thanks for grading me, although I didn't know about the bug.
I still can't logically explain any link between the navigation buttons and a checkbox, however. Does your solution mean that you HAVE TO have the navigation buttons displayed in order to avoid errors???

Best regards,
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