cd-rom problem

windows will not recognize my cdrom. it will only reecognize it if i go to windows reboot to dos and run the cdrom driver disk and return to windows95. then when i boot again i have to do it all over again. any sugestions?
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> it will only reecognize it if i go to windows
> reboot to dos and run the cdrom driver disk
> and return to windows95. then when i
> boot again i have to do it all over again.
> any sugestions?

Running the CD-ROM driver disk adds lines to 'AUTOEXEC.BAT'.
If the lines are added *AFTER* the line which invokes WINDOWS,
then those lines will be executed *ONLY* after exiting
from Windows.

Move the lines to *PRECEDE* the line which invokes Windows.

Show us your 'AUTOEXEC.BAT' file, too.
mrdestructAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
add you cd-rom driver to you autoexec.bat/config.sys

your config.sys file probably already has a line that looks somwhat like this:

devive = \somedir\somefile.sys /d:mscd000

you need to copy the line in you \windows\dosstart.bat file that reads somthing like:
mscdex /d:mscd000

into the last line of you autoexec.bat

Thisis not the best solution but the easyest.
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mrdestructAuthor Commented:
i already did this. sorry
When you boot next time, try to let Win95 detect new hardware (Start >> Settings >> Control Panel, then Add New Hardware).

Please indicate the age of this CD device as it may not be a plug-n-play device. This will then require the dos drivers to be loaded in order for Windows95 to address the device.
mrdestructAuthor Commented:
it is a new cd-rom (PnP). 32x i believe. it is very unstable.  
windows will detect any cd-rom if  all jumpers  are setup correctly. Set your cd-rom as master on second ide controller (irq15) this will let windows install driver (same for all cd-roms) If you have new system cd-rom should be seen by bios too ( let you boot system from cd-rom windows nt  or most of linux cd-roms)

Inexperienced moron.  Windows will not detect any correctly configured CD-ROM.
mrdestructAuthor Commented:
it is set as a slave to the hard drive. it also does not appear in the device manager.t it still works, but it is very unstable.
Oddly enough I have experienced this problem myself...

Place this line before your sound card line...

It may need to vary a little but, it worked for me!

it will be more successfull if you make it read more like:  LH C:\WINDOWS.......... without the /L:1,22880       That argument tells LH where in memory to load mscdex and may be spcific to each motherboard/bios design.
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