Temporarily Disabling Windows95 keys

I'm running a DOS game (Descent) from within a Windows DOS session and I want to disable the Windows95 keys during that session.  Is this possible and how can I go about doing it?  Thanks!
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Dex_ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is from:http://www.codeguru.com/misc/index.shtml

This tip was contributed by Kevin Bentley.
If you want to disable the alt-tab, alt-esc, ctrl-esc, ctrl-alt-del, win95 logo key, etc. there is a really easy way to do it under Win95.

SystemParametersInfo (SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING, 1, &nOldVal, 0);//Turns keys off
SystemParametersInfo (SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING, 0, &nOldVal, 0);//Turns keys on

Although I've never done this, what I assume you'd do is create a small application, and have the first line in it's startup. Then, have the second line in it's exiting code.
When you run the program, the keys should be disabled. When you exit the program, it would turn the keys back on.

Or, you could make a small dialog based app, and make two buttons on it. One for exiting the app, and one for toggling the windows keys on and off. Hell...that's not a bad idea... If Quake II didn't already let ya disable them hairy assed windows keys, I'd actually try this out meself!

-Dex Man

Go to the settings of _default.pif in the windows' directory. On the last tab, you'll find a field named 'Windows access keys' (or so, i'm running a german version here..). Simply uncheck the buttons you don't want to use...
mcsilverAuthor Commented:
I want to disable the keys that invoke the Windows start menu and the Windows context (popup) menus, not key combinations like Alt-Space and Alt-Enter.
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Well, perhaps you don't know that the start menu key is the equivalent to'Ctrl+Esc'...
soon, our master Bill the Gatse will disable windows for any
Dos Sessions, so u'll have to upgrade to windows, the sooner the better.
mcsilverAuthor Commented:
Ctrl+Esc does not disable the Windows 95 key(s).  Does anyone have another suggestion?  Maybe I can write a program that will intercapt my keyboard input through the entire system.  Suggestions for how to do such a thing?

Dear brother/sister,

You want,  In Windows DOS session you want to disable the  Windows95 keys during that session.

1. simply use _getchar(), what ever keys you want process them.
    if you dont want to process, go back to your logic.
    i.e indireclty disbling the required keys. and you will got your funcionality.

2. If you have any doubts please tell me clearly. I will finish it and give it to you

with regards,
Bhavani  P Polimetla

mcsilverAuthor Commented:
I don't think this is going to work.  It sounds like you're thinking that *I* have written Descent, the DOS game that I'm running.  I haven't.  Descent is a commercial program and I want to write a program that will intercept the keyboard input before this program/game receives it.  How may I do that?
mcsilverAuthor Commented:
That did the trick.  Thank you kindly.

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