RE: Linux web server

Anyone got experience in seting up linux servers for Http/ftp/dns/email etc.
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torkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes all you need for a http server is apache.
get it from
Just get sendmail for your mail server.

Usually when your installing linux it should
come with all these just make sure you include them
and it should configure it for you.

but for setting up a DNS you have to edit certain files like
named, named.boot
goto  and look at there hoto's for help
setting up DNS
Yes but httpd is different service from the ones you mention :)
If you want to setup also a DNS server and a email server you have to setup also the appropriate services.

MAVERICKAuthor Commented:
Different how ??????
IF you read some of the literature from red hat and others.... they say its easy.. But nothing is ever easy ?

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linuxconf make this easier .
MAVERICKAuthor Commented:
linuxconf ????

If you want to setup a standalone httpd server is ok...
but if you want also to setup a mailserver a DNS server and ftp server, all of this are different services and require different configurations...
Just specify what excactly you want to setup.
P.S A hint...DNS servers are a pain in the ass if you don't know anything about them...

MAVERICKAuthor Commented:
Well Basically... I would like to put the Http, mail server & ftp on the same box ... aparently linux boxes are more efficient on resources than a M$ IIS version

MAVERICKAuthor Commented:
thanks for the URLs!

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