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My girlfriend has got an old Packard Bell 486.  She asked me to get a program running for her called audio calander.  I think to myself, this is easy, and I uninstall the program.  No problem, but when I go to install the program agian, I can not load the sound driver for it.  I have gone to the packard bell web page and downloaded the drivers for it, but for some reason, win95 will not reconized the sound card and it's new drivers.  I have done the troubleshooting program for win95, and all I get is trouble.  Anyone got any ideas?
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whoamiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The older Packard Bell came with an integrated modem-soundcard.  This card  is an Aztech SoundGalaxy Washington 16.  Autodetect can never find these cards because they are pieces of, well -- a Packard Bell.   To install this card you need to add it manually.

All you need to do is:

Go to control panel
Add new hardware
Say no to autodetect
Then choose (sound,video, game controllers)
Aztech, or  Labs
Aztech Sound Galaxy Washington 16
That should work.

If it doesn't take care of it you might need to manually set the dma, and irq settings.  
If so let me know and I will help  you with that.

What is the sound driver you are trying to load?
Are you sure that the drivers you are using are REALLY those for your sound card. Are you installing them correctly? Have you completely removed all traces of you old driver first? I can think of no other explainations.

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muppetmanAuthor Commented:
according to the win95 auto-dectection program on win95, the sound card is a sound blaster pro.  I have downloaded the the updated drivers, and I have gone through and attempted to update the drivers.  Nothing happens.  I have removed the sound driver directory on the computer, and then attempted to load the files agian, nothing happens.  For soe reason it seems like the sound card just died, but that wouldn ot make any sense either, because it was working before I attempted to re-install the program that she wanted running on her computer.
    For some reason, (as she explained it to me,) her program called audio calander just up and died on her.  

Can you look at the system properties and see if there is an item there that has the exclamation with yellow in it? There may be some conflict that might be pointed out here. If there is and it is the sound card, delete it so that the routine will run properly on the next boot. I have had this problem with some client PCs as well as some Winmodems.
(If you click on My computer, then right click and go to properties, we are looking at the Device Manager tab.)


try to go into control panel and then run the add new hardware wizard and see if it detects the card on it's own.
muppetmanAuthor Commented:
Whoami...you are the man!!  I would have never thought of that because I really never delt with a packard bell before.  I will let you know if it works or not.  Thanks
muppetmanAuthor Commented:
Hey whoami, I do need help with setting the IRQ settings for that damn Packard Bell.  I would have gotten back with you sooner, but my life is a living hell right now...thanks...muppetman
Muppetman, sorry I took so long.

What is it doing now?  Is it repeating a sound like a cd skipping, or like when a record skips repeat and tehn a noise?  This will help tell if it is a DMA problem or an IRQ problem?  What problems are you having?

Go to the device manager
click on the computer icon
then tell me what IRQs are being used by what
and what IRQs are available and I will be able to help you from there

muppetmanAuthor Commented:
well, here is what the problem is....I did what you said to do, and after installing the drivers, rebooted, and checked the device manager agian, and the computer said that the sound card was preforming properly, but is still now sound.  When I try running a program that uses sound, it says that there is no sound card installed.

Go to the control panel and click on multimedia on the Audio tab check to make sure that the Aztech Soundgalaxy Washington 16 is selected as the preferred Playback and Recording device
Then under the Devices tab make sure that you have an Audio device and a mixer device.
Then get back to me

muppetmanAuthor Commented:
sorry it took so long to get back to you.....here is what is going on....under audio device, there is none shown, and I can not get one to come up when I attempt to select one...there is nothing there
I looks like this thread stopped having response.  I'll add the points back to your account. Post a new question to see if you can get help.  When you get the new question posted, I suggest you post the new URL here.  It might lead some of the experts who responded here to the new question to try to help finish the project if you are still having problems.

Linda Gardner
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