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hi there does anybody know of any really powerful search engine that i can get for free or really cheap?  I need one that will search through over 8000 text files...  thanks.
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Well, for Mac's WebStar
you may use FileMaker Pro + Add-on (Like SpotLight)
see http://www.claris.com/support/products/FileMaker/docs/cgi.html
for more information

OR use perl see http://www.cgi-resources.com for more information

It's highly depend on what kind of server you have

If you use Novell you may use Novell Webserv with QuickFinder
For M$ NT -IndexServer (I think)
If you have Unix take a look at CNIDR Isite (also available for NT)
or Swish http://www.hyperhost.net/after/library/swish/
windarkAuthor Commented:
sorry, but i need one that will run on a macintosh server(WebStar).
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