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Logitech Wingman Extreme Problems

Posted on 1998-10-18
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I can't get win98 to detect my Logitech Wingman Extreme.  I am positive that it is plugged in to the correct port and the disk that came with it is for win95 only!
Question by:redlead
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Expert Comment

ID: 1646438

   Installing the game device is not as easy as it should be.  Follow the exact instructions according to Logitech:

Expert Comment

ID: 1646439
Is your CPU made by AMD?  If so, they have a compatability problem with Logitech's drivers.

Expert Comment

ID: 1646440
Well hankc if it is an AMD is there a way  to fix the compatability problem?
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Expert Comment

ID: 1646441
not according to AMD. I had an AMD k5 pr-133 and a Logitech TrackMan Vista trackball.  After yelling at Microsoft and Logitech, I called AMD and they said Logitech's drivers were incompatable.  NO FIX KNOWN

Expert Comment

ID: 1646442
The only suggestion I have is to use Microsoft's drivers.  They won't have the functionality but they will work.

Author Comment

ID: 1646443
What you suggested didn't work.  Yes my processor is an AMD, Is there any way to fix the compatibility problem?

Expert Comment

ID: 1646444

This is from the Logitech site. It refers to Windows 95 all the time, but (I'm assuming here) it should also work under WIndows 98.


Detection Issues

If Windows 95 is not detecting the WingMan Extreme Digital or displays the message, "Your joystick is not connected correctly" when you open the joystick properties screen, please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Ensure that the Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital is connected to a "Game Port."  

A 15-pin connector on the back of the system does NOT always indicate a game port.  Other peripherals also use 15-pin connections, such as, Network or MIDI music connections.  Therefore, it is important to verify you are connected to a game port.  Also, some systems have two 15-pin game ports, and you may be connected to the wrong one.  Try connecting to the other port.

NOTE:  Connection to a 15-pin port other than a game port can result in damage to the Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital or the port.  

2. Check to see that the game port is enabled, and that it is the only enabled game port on the system.

The port may be physically installed but may not be turned on for the system to use.  To enable the port, please consult the documentation, or contact the game port manufacturer for instructions to verify that the port is enabled.  

If you are connected to the correct port and it is enabled, then check the system for a second game port that may be enabled.  If you locate a second port, please disable it.  There should only be one active game port on the system, as two active ports can cause a conflict.  In some cases, a game port is integrated into the motherboard of the computer, and when a game card is installed into the system, it conflicts with the pre-existing port.

3. Verify the game card is a dual port card.

To get full functionality from the Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital, you must have at least a dual port game card.  Please do not confuse this with a two-connector or two-plug game card.  When we refer to ports, we refer the circuitry of the card itself.  A dual port game card is one designed to support two, two-button joysticks.  These two ports are often called "A" and "B".  A single port game card would only have an "A", while a dual port game card would have an "A" and a "B".

4. Make sure the game port is not a "digital" or "accelerated" game port

The Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital is not currently operational with "Digital/Accelerated" game ports.

NOTE: Digital/accelerated game ports are designed to take an analog joystick signal and convert it to a digital packet signal.  This is designed to make joysticks more responsive and reduce drifting.  

Logitech Digital devices are not operational in the digital mode of these types of ports for the following reasons:

a) Logitech Digital devices already send joystick information (axes, motion and button clicks) via a digital signal.
b) These types of ports use different global drivers than the standard gameport.
c) These types of ports typically do not use the standard gameport address of 201h

If you are using one of these types of ports, Logitech digital devices may work if the global driver is changed to "Standard Gameport".  To change the global driver, please do the following:

a) Click "Start", "Settings", and then "Control Panel".
b) From the Windows 95 Control Panel, double click on the picture of the joystick to open the Joystick Properties screen.
c) Select the "Advanced" tab on the top of the screen.
d) Change the "Current Global Driver" to "Standard Gameport"

5. Make sure that the proper device has been activated in the Windows 95 "Joystick Properties" tab.  It should be Joystick 1.  

To accomplish this:
a) Click "Start", "Settings", and then "Control Panel".
b) From the Windows 95 Control Panel, double click on the picture of the joystick to open the Joystick Properties screen.
c) Select "None" for the "Joystick Configuration", click "Apply", re-select "Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital", then click "Apply".
d) If this does not work, follow the steps above to select a "2-button, 2-axis joystick"

6. It may be necessary re-initialize the device driver.

To accomplish this:
a) Click "Start", "Settings", and then "Control Panel".
b) From the Windows 95 Control Panel, double click on the picture of the joystick to open the Joystick Properties screen.
c) Select "None" for the "Joystick Configuration", click "Apply", re-select "Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital", then click "Apply".

7. Verify the port is using the correct resources and that they do not conflict with other devices in the system.

To accomplish this:
a) Click "Start", "Settings", and then "Control Panel".
b) From the Windows 95 Control Panel double click on the picture of the Computer labeled "System" to open the System Properties screen.
c) Click on the "Device Manager" tab.
d) Click the "+" next to "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers".
e) Double click on the name of the game port to bring up the "Properties" screen.
f) Click on the "Resources" tab, and uncheck "Use Automatic Settings".
g) Select "Input/Output Range" under "Resource Type", click on "Change Setting" (if the game port allows you to), and select either 0200-0207 or 0201-0201.
h) Click "OK" until it asks to restart the computer and answer "Yes" or "OK".

8. Make sure that if the port requires any drivers, they are installed and functioning properly.

Please refer to the port's documentation or manufacturer to determine whether this applies to your particular setup.

9. Try powering down the computer and restarting.

Occasionally, the computer may lose communication with the joystick (due to a game crash, or some other issue) and require that the computer be reset.  If the computer is restarted by pressing the system reset button or by selecting "Restart the Computer" from the "Shut Down Windows Menu", does not fully re-initialize the devices on the game port. It is sometimes necessary to shut down the system completely, turn it off, and let it sit for a few seconds before powering back up.

10. Check to see that you have not assigned the wrong game settings to the WingMan Extreme Digital in the LES 2.1 Control Center (Logitech Entertainment Software).  

To accomplish this:
a) Click "Start", "Settings", then "Control Panel".
b) Double click on the "Logitech Entertainment" icon to open the LES
2.1 Control Center.
c) Select the "WingMan Extreme Digital" tab.
d) Choose the game that you are going to play from the Game list and then assign game functions to the proper device buttons using the combo boxes.
e) When finished assigning the buttons to the device, click on "Apply" and then "OK".

If you are using a game that does not have a registry entry in the LES Control Center, you will need to add this registry entry and a launch configuration using the WingMan Extreme Digital Game Setup tab.

11. Do not use a Y-cable or have more than one gaming device on the same computer at one time.

If all of the above items check out, then a hardware failure may have occurred in either the game port or in the Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital itself.   Please try the joystick on another system to verify that it works.  If it operates correctly on another system, then borrow another joystick (which you know to be working) to test the game port on your system.  If the Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital has failed on the second system as well, please contact Customer Services

Logitech's ( customer support pages also have instructions for running diagnostics.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Expert Comment

ID: 1646445
What kind of soundcard do you use ?
Are there any questionmarks in your devices-tab?
Are you using a gamecard that has more than 1 joy inputs ?
This thing about an amd and logitech may be true i do not know thing is i see it working
on some PC's using amd and logitech..

Behave..  MadCat

Accepted Solution

redlead2 earned 2000 total points
ID: 1646446
talk to me over email and i will give you the answer.

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