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I'm looking for a program called ntfsdos,
with the program you can read AND WRITE on an ntfs formatted harddisk from dos or W95.  
I already found the demo version but i'm looking for the full version of the program
1 Solution
Check the Following site out. It has the NTFSDOS and NTFSDOS Tools that allow for limited Write capabilities.

There is a link provided so you can order it, as it is not shareware or free.

koenraadAuthor Commented:
i want a free copy of the program.


but if you are violating copy protection rights, on your head be it.

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Both of those link end up with the NTFSDOS that I was trying to point out earlier (I had left out the URl)


This program does have limitations however. Read the Following

NTFSDOS Tools is intended to repair specific types of system errors, and is not a general purpose file copying/renaming tool.  
NTFSDOS Tools supports just two operations, copy and rename. The copy command is intended to "refresh" the contents of a file that has been corrupted. It allows you to overwrite a file with the following limitations:  

The destination file must already exist.  
The source and destination files must be exactly the same size.  
The rename command allows you to effectively delete an existing file by giving it a new name. The file is renamed by modifying the last character of the name. It has the following limitations:  
The new name is chosen by the program, not the user.  
The new name must not already exist.  

This program is not free and you may want review Experts-Exchange's policy, before requesting any copyrighted software.

The last thing they want here is for this place to turn into a Warez hunting grounds.

Good Luck,
koenraadAuthor Commented:
i'm loockimg for the read and write version of the program, not the demo freeware read-only version of the program...
koenraadAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately, the demo is the only FREE version out there.

They do offer NTFSTOOLS with more capabilities, however they do CHARGE for it.

You may want to Check out ERD COMMANDER which does have Read/Write capabilities at the same site (Not Free)

This is also listed on their page

A full read-write version of NTFSDOS will not be released.

Even if it were available, downloading the full version of this copyrighted software without purchasing it would be ILLEGAL and against EXPERTS-EXCHANGE policy.

koenraadAuthor Commented:
ok ok   I 'll just keep looking on the warez-sites for it,
at least they don't read me my rights there......
Hi koenraad ,

If you got to find a read-write version,
I will be glad to hear where at:

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