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I have a client who runs a tattoo shop and he'd like to be able to show customers the same tattoo in different colour/shades of colour. Is there a way maybe using channels or layers that he will be able to seperate each colour (including it's gradients) and alter it's colour? Or is there another way to change just one colour (and it's gradients once again) with out doing the same to the others? I'm thinking the best way is to just create the images with each colour separated into it's own layer and just altering that layer but it's kinda fiddly because each layer would most likely need it's own layers of R G and B to be able to efect it accurately.  Suggestions?
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DigiWizConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Break it down into layers.  Similar to the way you would design something in Illustrator.  Each layer would be a section of colour or a group of similar colours. You may end up with 20 layers depending on how complex the tatoo is.  Might be a bit of a memory issue.
You can also create pre-recorded actions so something like 25% darker, or 10% more blue can be done with the click of a button.  Actions can also help in creating the layers once the image is scanned in (if you are scanning).  Using for selection by colour and history informaiton, you can make some pretty accurate automated selections.  It will take some work on your half to set it up in the begining, but once done, tweaking is the easy part.  The other nice thing about actions is you can charge different prices for each depending on the complexity of the job. (looking at it from your buisness perspective)

Hope that helps!
goodumAuthor Commented:
cool.......i've tried playing with the colour balance but can't seem to do...say....turn a selection of yellows into a totally different colour without adding RGB layers in. any ideas?
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