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Linux application-- disk surface test ?

Is there a Linux application where I can perform a disk
surface test on a Linux partition? Where can I get it?
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1 Solution
When you install redhat you can do surface test so it got to be with redhat linux, fsck will do surface test but it will not mark them as bad blocks
im betting you want fsck. It will test the filesystem structure, inodes, all that and can try to repair problems it finds.  the pesky thing for me was that you can't fsck your current partition, so to check / you have to pull out your root/book disks or emergency repair disks and run fsck from there.  (i could be wrong about that, but it works for me)


       fsck - check and repair a Linux file system

       fsck [ -A ] [ -V ] [ -t fstype ] [ fs-options ] filesys

       fsck  is  used to check and optionally repair a Linux file
       system.   filesys  is  either  the   device   name   (e.g.
       /dev/hda1,  /dev/sdb2)  or  the mount point (e.g. /, /usr,
       /home) for the file system.
thithiAuthor Commented:
Yes, I knew about fsck, but I wanted to check disk surface
like dos/win chekdisk, looking for bad blocks and
marking them if in that case. I found out there is a command
called "badblocks"  that works just fine.
hmmm, well im glad i -almost- helped you.  :)
duh, badblocks, i should have remembered that myself.
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