BLOB declaring

I want to declare a blob field and well I plan to use it
but I first need to initialize it and then be able to just take the information out of it in VBsript, my question is what do I declare it as..I want it an a field of a table...
Please Help ASAP
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Victor SpiridonovConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should have done:
creat table xxxx(one int,
                      two varchar(10),
                      subject IMAGE)
chicabowAuthor Commented:
Any extra detail that I should be made aware of please let me know!  ASAP
Victor SpiridonovCommented:
Your should declare the field as image datatype which is used to store biniary data up to 2Gb
chicabowAuthor Commented:
This needs to be a bit more descriptive...
like it will not work I tried that...
give me an example...
This is what I put and does not work...

creat table xxxx(one int,
                 two varchar(10),
                 subject dataype)

Please help more specifically.
chicabowAuthor Commented:
But that does not work because it gives me an error when I try to insert text

Operand type clash: text is incompatible with image

I need to put text in there...

I will award the more points...
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