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we are trying to add digital postcards to a site we have built and are having a real problem...we have tried to use the digital postcards ( set up but it will not recognise our images...the instructions are very vague and not accurate. Can anyone suggests a programm that is more user friendly either freeware or to buy...we need to be able to insert our own background and design images. Please help as this is urgent and holding us up!
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elfiConnect With a Mentor Commented: is a free postcard server that accepts your images and backgrounds. It does, however, put a small banner for bravenet on the pages. Small price to pay, imo.

Better is they offer a free one as well as several pay ones, something for everybody who wants to run a postcard server. This one is a freeware CGI script for multiple platforms, with good documentation that is pretty simple to follow.
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