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thanks in advance.  I am using a Performa 6205, OS 7.5.2 and Netscape Navigator 3.0.  I get as far as opening the PPP, but it stays gray and sad faced.  I have tried extensions, preferences, double checked configs etc.  When I go through Netscape it looks like it is connecting for about two seconds and then gives the message, "wait for PPP to disconnect." What else can I do?
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Timbuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
OK... first things first...  if you are using system 7.5.2 and have an active control panel called TCP/IP, there is your problem.  7.5.2 shipped w/ a faulty version of open transport and was never able to work properly.  the only thing you can do, is go back to MacTCP, which maybe exactly where you are at this point.

So, are you using TCP/IP or MacTCP.  Also, we need to know the kind of modem.  If it is an Apple Express modem (shipped in the 6400/6500's) or a Global Village Teleport modem, they have thier own contol panels that must be installed.  Further, it sounds like you are using ConfigPPP 2.0.2, is that correct??  And are you connecting using a connect script or account ID?  Have you checked the username and password?  most ISP's require an identifier infront of your username like eartlink requires ELN/username.  Netcom uses #username.  This is important.  ConfigPPP usually will not tell you if your username/pass is incorrect and therefore stalls on the PPP stage like you say.  What I would do is this... try a different phone number and try different modem initialization strings  start with ATZ, then try AT&F1 then try AT&F then try AT, then look on the web for the recommended string for your modem.  

if that doesn't work... delete the file in your system folder called Mac TCP DNR.  Delete PPP preferences in the preferences folder.  Restart and rebuild the desktop.  Reconfigure Config PPP.  If that still doesn't work, try clicking the box that says terminal window in config PPP.  when you click open, a box will come up.
type: AT
the modem should return: OK
type: ATZ
the modem should return: OK
type: ATDT 5551212 <--- change to your access number.
the modem should dial, handshake and then prompt you:
type in your username, don't forget the appropriate prefix like ELN/
you should get the prompt Password:
type in your password, make sure capslock is off.
you should then recieve a message that says IP address <-- will be #'s.
then something like MTU blah blah...
once that has happened, click continue and you should be online. go to order sys 8.5 or at least 7.6.1  then go to and download FreePPP.  will save you tons of hassle.

if none of that works, go back to the begining, but this time switch your modem to the printer port nad see if you have better luck there.

if you modem never responds w/ OK in the terminal window, check connections, make sure it's on, and then toss it out the window :-) also, if you can't get it going, email me and i might be willing to arrange to have you call me and we can work through it on the phone.

good luck.
Earthlink Technical Support Agent
Can you do nothing in your PPP window. If so tell me pls which OS-Extension are installed on your MAC (BTW a new OS version 7.6.1 or 8.1 will make it much easier)
ok.. forgot a few things...

most importantly, in MacTCP/TCP/IP make sure there are no other dialers installed.  Should be some combination of appletalk,ethernet,localtalk, and a single PPP dialer... diable all aol link files and any other dialers you have installed.  And, this little trick solves 85% of MacTCP problems, so try this first.  open MacTCP, select local talk.  close MacTCP.  Open MacTCP, select PPP. :-)  that does it... but you should now click on "more", then make sure that in the upper right hand corner, obtain adddress using "server".

try both a connect script and account id, but make sure only one is enabled at a time.  make sure the other is blank.
I would definitely reccommend going to a newer version of the MacOS  (ie 7.6.1, 8, or 8.5) which has numerous bug fixes and updates to the Open transport networking/internet suite. If you have an internal modem in your Perf. 6205 you may need to reinstall the Apple telecom software (used by your modem) after doing a major system software upgrade. The system upgrade may disable the internal modem forcing you to do a custom install of the telecom software which is available at Apple's various FTP sites)
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