Changing the bin of the printer?

Posted on 1998-10-22
Last Modified: 2010-04-06

I know how to retrieve the name of the available bins for a specific printer. I also know how to change papersize and -orientation programmatically...
BUT how do I tell the printer what bin to use, programmatically?
And can I change bins in the middle of a printout (page 1 requires Manual Feed and page 2 uses the Default Tray)?

I use D2, W98.

Question by:Dippen
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Accepted Solution

ZifNab earned 50 total points
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Hi Dippen,

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  Device : array[0..255] of char;
  Driver : array[0..255] of char;
  Port : array[0..255] of char;
  hDMode : THandle;
  Printer.PrinterIndex := Printer.PrinterIndex;
  Printer.GetPrinter(Device, Driver, Port, hDMode);
  if hDMode <> 0 then begin
    pDMode := GlobalLock(hDMode);
    if pDMode <> nil then begin

   {Set to legal}
    pDMode^.dmFields := pDMode^.dmFields or dm_PaperSize;
    pDMode^.dmPaperSize := DMPAPER_LEGAL;

   {Set to custom size}
     pDMode^.dmFields := pDMode^.dmFields or                          DM_PAPERSIZE or DM_PAPERWIDTH or DM_PAPERLENGTH;
     pDMode^.dmPaperSize := DMPAPER_USER;
     pDMode^.dmPaperWidth := 100  
     pDMode^.dmPaperLength := 100

   {Set the bin to use} !
    pDMode^.dmFields := pDMode^.dmFields or DMBIN_MANUAL;
    pDMode^.dmDefaultSource := DMBIN_MANUAL;

  Printer.PrinterIndex := Printer.PrinterIndex;
  Printer.Canvas.TextOut(100,100, 'Test 1');

2. Don't know...
   But you can if you do this
   change bin
   use begindoc, enddoc
   change bin
   use begindoc, enddoc

Regards, Zif.

Author Comment

ID: 1343919
Hi, Zif!

Do you by any chance know what the available constants for setting the BIN are (besides DMBIN_MANUAL)? I couldn't find them in the online-help?


Expert Comment

ID: 1343920
Hi Dippen,

unfortunately I don't know...

But with this function

DWORD DeviceCapabilities(

    LPCTSTR  pDevice,      // pointer to a printer-name string
    LPCTSTR  pPort,      // pointer to a port-name string
    WORD  fwCapability,      // device capability to query
    LPTSTR  pOutput,      // pointer to the output
    CONST DEVMODE *  pDevMode       // pointer to structure with device data  

And using DC_BINS, you should get them... but i'm not sure about this.

while searching for an answer on your second q'n, I heard about the existance of this component : (it is shareware dough)



Author Comment

ID: 1343921
OK, thanks! I'll see what I can figure out myself. For example, I've found out that the constant DMBIN_UPPER and DMBIN_LOWER also exists.


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