ODBC !!!

Hi All,

How can a connect to a SQL database without using the BDE ?

I currently drop a database component on my form and set it up to use the odbc dsn i have created,  I use install shield to create install disks without any settings for the BDE (only ODBC settings).  When the app runs it abends with error "Cannont initialise BDE".  I don't want to go through the BDE, but talk straight to ODBC.

Do I need a special ODBC database component or can I do it using the standard delphi database component ???

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ZifNabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are others but shareware to direct using ODBC :


http://www.torry.ru/vcl/database/modbc.zip ??

and others...

if you use standard delphi database components, you 'll always need the BDE.
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