while doing win95 or win98 installation

i receive an error message saying:
SUWIN error in module USER.EXE in the adress xxxx:xxxx
and this everytime i try to install win95 or win98
what can i do?
thanx for ur cooperation
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david_levineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't mention if this is an upgrade (over what operating system) or a fresh install. You can try running the Setup with the /d option which tells windows to ignore current settings from your existing setup.

Searching the Microsoft Knowledge base, there are a few other suggestions but they are hardware specific, such as a specific BIOS or Video card.

Try the above and let me know how that works.

Good luck,
Also, where in the process do you get the error? After answering a specific question in the setup process? Or before any questions are asked?
aagassiandreAuthor Commented:
well it's a fresh install david
and it gives the error after asking a question but not really a specific question, cause it gives the error after differents questions every time i try to install the win95 or win98.
thanx for ur cooperation again david
So the drive is freshly formatted? No operating system on the hard drive at all?

What hardware do you have:
Anything "out of the norm":

You have both Win95 & Win98 install CD's?


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